The Ski School

family making a series of turns on a groomed trail
Technical work in family.
SKI PROGRESSION offers economic day or half-day packages that are carefully adapted to families and groups of friends.

Professional Ski Instruction

All SKIPROGRESSION instructors hold the French State Diploma. They have tought skiing in English in The 3 Valleys ski area for at least 20 years.

They have an intimate knowledge of The 3 Valleys ski area.

SKIPROGRESSION ski instruction is all about safety, quality tuition, personal attention and kindliness.
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Make your own team
(children, parents, friends)
and share your coach



SKIPROGRESSION offers private lessons in the following ski disciplines:

Skiing - Snowboarding - Ski Touring.

  • When you book a private lesson one person may replace another at any time.
  • You choose the meeting point.
  • Ski Progression benefits from ski school priority at all ski lifts.
  • Schedule, content, pace, SKIPROGRESSION adapts to your needs.

For a carefree holiday, day courses are especially recommended for families or groups of friends :

Your private instructor can alternate lessons with parents, children, friends, take the entire group to the 3 Valleys, bring back those who are tired by the easiest route, organize appointments on the slopes between different members of the family etc.

What SKIPROGRESSION does not offer:

Group Lessons.

SKIPROGRESSION pupil numbers are too few to effectively run group lessons for all levels.
Rather than offering a mediocre service, SKIPROGRESSION prefers to focus on highly flexible private ski and snowboard lessons.

However, SKIPROGRESSION can cater to families and groups of friends.

A few words about skiing.

child running a carving turn
Young student running a carving bend.
Good basic stance, well placed pool, parallel shins, both skis in contact with the snow, support dominant on the downhill ski (we see the deformation on the photo) ... It's very good.
The slightly high downhill hand highlights a slight imbalance towards the inside of the turn.
Small defect or point fault?

Skiing has lots of different disciplines. You can carve the pistes, ski the snowpark, head off-piste and freeride or just cruise. One thing all types of skiing have in common is that they are thrilling.
Both a sport and a leisure activity, skiing is the most efficieBoth a sport and a leisure activity, skiing is the most efficient and versatile way travel over steep snow.
                          The vast diversity of skis available today on the market further expands possibilities.

Off-piste skiing and ski touring are the subject of dedicated pages