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Winter 2023

Omar wrote :
This is the second time we book with Eric, and the reason behind this is that he is the most patient, experienced, respected instructor. He taught us with small steps and patience until we progressed with confidence. We started our lessons as beginners and now after just 9 lessons of approximately 3 hours a day, which is considered a short period of time we have reached the blue slopes. We definitely going to book with him always as our instructor and we surely recommend him to others.

Leslie wrote :
Our clients, Chris and Ann Beck and family, had a great time with Eric. Their comments: he was very kind and patient with our family of different abilities. Our guide Eric was a great person and very patient with our family. He was passionate about the ski area and battled the weather and challenging winds to make sure we saw all three areas. For our free day he texted me to not try to leave our valley which was very nice. Many people told us if we got trapped in the wrong valley it was hard to get home. He helped us ski in many different types of snow, with tips and pointers. He had great passion for the 3 valleys and made sure that we understood where we were and how to get back there when we’re skiing on our own.

Gerard wrote :
Beste Laure,
Je hebt voor mij een fantastische job gedaan 🙏 Nà vijtig jaar mij terug behoorlijk op de latten krijgen was zeker voor jou geen sinecure. Ik heb mogen genieten van jou professionaliteit en doortastend overbrengen van de nieuwe technieken. Er is inderdaad in vijftig jaar veel veranderd op gebied van het skiën zelf en van de materiaal. Toen waren er nog schoenen met veters en héél lange smalle houten latten. Dank om uw geduld en inzet om mij de liefde voor het skiën terug te schenken. Verder veel succes met de skischool die ik iedereen, jong én oud, kan aanbevelen. Hopende dat jij mij volgend jaar terug te kunt begleiden bij mijn verdere ontwikkeling,

Phil wrote :
Laure taught the mothers and daughters (12 yrs) in our group and was fantastic. Patient, knowledgable - everyone improved hugely during the few days spent with her. We will 100% book her again for our next trip.
Thanks Laure!

Phil wrote :
We (two adults and two teens) had 4 half day sessions with Eric. A very impressive teacher, incredibly knowledgable. We thoroughly enjoyed our lessons and will book with Eric again on our next trip.

Helen wrote :
Eric was very good communicating with me. I booked him to teach two beginners in our group to ski. He was patient and friendly and managed to deal with two very different learning styles. He was also very adaptable when we switched the individuals taking lessons on the third day. Everyone enjoyed learning with him and I would thoroughly recommend him.

Tom wrote :
Eric is a legend

Chloe wrote :
Eric was so great, he was patient and clear with the plan of the lesson. He helped build our confidence a lot!

Fiona wrote :
I had two 4 hour lessons with Eric. This is my second time having lessons with Eric. Absolutely superb. I’m intermediate skier and Eric really helped me improve my overall skiing and technique which is what I wanted to focus on. We skied a lot of the 3 valleys over the 2 lessons, Eric is very knowledgeable on the area and always knows the best ski spots. Eric is lovely company and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

James wrote :
I have had ski lessons with both Eric and Laure. Both are amazing teachers and have both helped my skiing ability come along greatly, making my comfortable and stable on the skis. I would highly recommend ski progression to anyone. We will definitely be booking more lessons for 2024. Thankyou both very much.

Andrew wrote :
We had an incredible 3 hour session with Eric. His instruction from the outset was superb - he takes the time to explain the reasoning behind all the technique and he is incredibly perceptive into pinpointing areas in which we could both improve. Our session with Eric early in the week week’s skiing trip really paid dividends, allowing us to really enjoy the remainder of the week, putting what we had learnt into practice. To top it all, Eric is also a really nice, friendly guy with a great sense of humour - which made the lesson such great fun. We highly recommend this instructor to anyone who wants to improve their skiing, no matter what their ability.

Ben wrote :
My friends and I (three of us in total) had a full day lesson with Eric and he was absolutely fantastic. Eric is very patient and clear with his instructions. He was also kind enough to cater for some variation in our abilities as I was a complete beginner and my two friends were slightly more proficient. He taught me enough such that by the end of the week I was on red runs! Thanks Eric - if I ever need lessons again, I know who to contact!

Craig wrote :
I couldn’t recommend Eric any higher. Amazing instructor who really listens and takes a lot of time to make you think about what your doing

Ama wrote :
He was the best! So encouraging for a beginner and really made me feel like I was doing amazing. So patient and friendly and just the best!
Thank you Eric

Pav wrote :
Complete beginner (one lesson before I went with Eric). He took me from a very basic starting point to being able to ski down a green unaided. Very patient and adapted to me, which was really important. Learnt so much and couldn’t recommend Eric more. A great teacher and person!

Scott Dunn wrote :
My client had lessons with Eric and said:
"Eric was great, he was very technical in his teaching which was good. Would definitely recommend him and use him again. His knowledge of the area was amazing. He was also a very interesting person who could talk about all things not just skiing, so this made lunch more interesting.

Eva wrote :
I skied with Laure in Meribel this week . She was really nice to me. We went to fun parks. I loved the time with her and I really improved my skills.
Eva, 10 years

Omar wrote :
Very friendly wants the best for the student, gave the best for us since we were beginners

Henk-Jan wrote :
Eric is one of the most sweetest person I’ve met. This was my second year of skiing, and last year I’ve had 2 different private lessons, I was really confused because of that and so happy to have Eric as my teacher for my first day this year. He didn’t try to change my way of skiing but hé simply explained what we’re doing when we’re skiing, he gave me a few tips and within 10 minutes I’ve involved the way to go down the sloops. He challenged me during the lesson but only in a comfortable way. I’m not scared anymore to go down the sloops and Eric is really sweet, patient and fun to be with! Thanks Eric! You’ve gave me the confidence that I needed to enjoy my holiday even more!

Megan wrote :
Eric was absolutely amazing! He really helped us improve our skills within a half day session- we couldn’t be happier.

Flavia wrote :
Really good instructor, I had a very enjoyable time !

Catherine wrote :
Our 8 year old daughter loved her private lesson. Laure was on time, kind and a great ski instructor, 5 stars! Thank you Laure!

Frances wrote :
Simply the best instructor I have ever had ! I learned technique that had never been properly explained or demonstrated before, felt completely confident on every run, had an enormous amount of fun, and thoroughly loved every minute of skiing with the incredibly brilliant, kind, patient, funny, ski-ace Laure. I have just enjoyed the best skiing of my life when previously considering giving it a miss. If you ski for only one week a year, you must try to make the experience fantastic, so forget the disinterested, gruff, humourless, robotic ESF instructors and book with Ski Progression.

Jordan wrote :
We had a great time and learned a lot in a short amount of time

Joan wrote :
Dear Laure
Just a quick email to say thank you so much - yet again - for all your time and patience last week. We both had a great second week - we really enjoyed ourselves and felt we had made real progress.
Hope you have a great rest of the season - keep safe and be prudent! We’ll be in touch soon about next season.
Joan x

Paul wrote :
Laure was an amazing teacher despite the challenge of 4 people with varying abilities and ages (experienced Dad but needed technical help after years of not skiing, 1 week skier Mum with joint pain and 2 teenagers at different levels with 1 week each). Laure recommended splitting our 4 hour lessons and was very flexible, sometimes 1 on 1 and sometimes 1 on 2. She was lovely to talk to, a good communicator and fantastic technically. We all learned a huge amount during the week, despite difficult snow conditions, and it was a pleasure to ski and talk with her. Thank you Laure, if/when we return you are our number 1!

Olya wrote :
Eric is a great coach and both me (beginner - intermediate) and my partner (advanced) have really improved our techniques just after one lesson. Thank you Eric!

Alexandra wrote :
Eric was amazing with all our family. He took the older ones off to slopes they would never have known about & the younger children adored him. Thanks to Eric we now have 4 children who can all ski extremely well for their ages. Eric was super at helping the most nervous adult too!

Aelita wrote :
Laure was the best instructor i ever had for my daughter. Professional, punctual, friendly. She immediately identified my daughter's skiing weaknesses and in 4 days the progress made with her teaching was very obvious and my daughter became very confident on the slopes. I would recommend Laure as instructor to any age or level of skiers.

Khalid wrote :
Very good ski instructore. Very freindly. Know very good the technics of ski. Thank laura. Looking to see you next year.

Claire wrote :
Quite simply, Laure is the best instructor I have ever had ( having tried 6 previous) and I feel blessed to have found her. After a horrible ski trip earlier in the season with intimidating weather conditions and a couple of falls, I had felt close to giving up as I felt so nervous and out of control. I found that after just 3 mornings of lessons with Laure, my technique was much improved and I was more relaxed and finally enjoying myself again. Laure has given me a much clearer understanding of the technical side of skiing and has shown empathy and patience when I had almost lost hope. I finally have my confidence back and have found the fun in skiing again. I could not recommend Laure more and cannot wait to book again for next year!

Pearl wrote :
My husband and daughter are keen skier and I’m totally the opposite. Each time I will stay in the hotel or ski on the magic carpet only. But this time my friend asked me why don’t I get a ski instructor and do a proper lesson so I can enjoy the snow as well. I’m so glad I did and found Laure!!!
Within very short period of time she know my level , speed and the confidence level. I had never been so happy and enjoying the snow so much. Can’t even believe myself that I’m actually looking forward to put on my ski boots and ready for ski on the next day.
Laure is really the best person anyone who look forward. She not just only teach how to ski but also took care of my concern. Checked the weather forecast, lesson time for different level student on different slope. Absolutely, care free when I’m with her.

Winter 2022

Stephen wrote :
Would recommend Eric thoroughly. We were a party of 10 skiers of differing levels of ability. We booked Eric for the entire week. He was excellent and working out who to ski with and when. We had a group of absolute beginners skiing with him every morning and they felt they made extraordinary progress; progress they would not have made without him. By the end of the week, they were all skiers. (Okay, bad skiers but nonetheless – skiers!). The intermediates included a feeble 76 year old, and a couple of very fit intermediates; in spite of the fact that our levels of skill and fitness were so varied, we all benefited hugely. I think that's the key point; in a chalet party of hugely differing levels every single member of the party was really really enthusiastic about Eric and felt that every centime spent on him was worth it. I would sum up by saying that he has a great ability to adapt his teaching to different people and different levels; he is brilliant at helping you to make the most of whatever snow conditions there are on any particular day; and he is brilliant at instilling confidence. For those who learn by example, they can copy him. For those who prefer a cerebral technical explanation of how to do things, he is truly excellent at providing that. Oh, and I think we became good friends!

Horesh wrote (about Laure) :
Perfect instructor.

Charlotte wrote :
Laure was excellent, despite varying needs in our group we all improved massively in confidence and technique, and also had a lovely time without feeling pushed. We would definitely recommend lessons with Laure!

David wrote :
Eric is an excellent teacher, he explains well, he demonstrates well and he takes you out of your comfort zone to just the right level where you will improve

Radmila wrote :
After 3 years of no skiing my daughter spent 2 afternoons with Laure on the slopes and had a great time. Laure managed to get her confidence back in no time. She was good at explaining and teaching techniques and used the time efficiency. Laure is very experienced and knowledgable. I would highly recommend her.

Hannah wrote :
Eric was a fantastic instructor. We were a mixed age group and he was calm, kind and patient with us throughout. His vast experience meant he was able to adapt and tailor our lessons to suit our needs and also the conditions, without fuss. As we were new to the mountains and skiing he was really informative and we learned a lot! I would highly recommend Eric

Katie wrote :
I had 3 amazing lessons with Laure having not been skiing in 17 years after losing my confidence. Laure is incredibly patient, great at explaining technical details of skiing and will challenge you without knocking your confidence. She has really helped me overcome my fear of skiing and can’t wait for more lessons with her in the future!

Abby wrote :
Eric was absolutely fantastic and such a pleasure to spend a half day skiing with! I'm a fairly strong skier, and given the low visibility the week I was in Courcheval, I mostly wanted to get a better sense of the geography of the mountains and surrounding villages / lifts so I would know where to go on my own. Eric took me all over, showed me the best places to ski in different conditions, and even gave me some great pointers to boot. I can't recommend Eric enough and will definitely be booking with him the next time I'm in the three valleys!

James wrote :
Laure was a wonderful instructor for our two children who were learning to ski for the first time. They really liked her and thoroughly enjoyed her lessons, and they were skiing very well within a few days. Thank you very much Laure!

Karen wrote :
I had a tremendous wonderful experience with Eric. He is such a friendly, warm, and experience coach I have ever had. He made me feel comfortable and my level of confidence increased with his guidance and tips. Eric is definitely the coach I will choose again whenever I go back to Courcheval.

Xie wrote :
As a beginner, I am so glad I chose Laure as my first ever ski teacher. I had 3 classes with her across 3 days, each day she designed the right progression and technic for me, that makes me feel save, secure, and making improvement each day. She can spot my pain point at each stage immediately when I am wasn't doing well, and explain in the best way I can think of, to help me overcome the difficulty. At the end of the classes, she also made a plan for me to train in the rest of my ski holiday. I highly recommend her.

Hugo wrote :
I greatly enjoyed Eric’s lessons. I’d skiied twice before but not for a few years so wanted to refresh my skills with some lessons. Eric was charming, patient and supportive and really helped improve my ability and confidence over the course of our lessons. Highly recommend!

Mike wrote :
Fab lesson! Did just 3 hours with Laure as a first time skier and she gave me a fantastic foundation I was able to build upon the rest of my week. She managed to cram a lot of great technique and advice into such a short time and clearly had great knowledge and experience teaching, would highly recommend her!

Vera wrote :
We had a very nice ski lesson with Laure. She is very patient and adapts wel to your level. We had a lot of fun and I would recommend her to anyone!

Coora wrote :
Laure was an excellent teacher. I had 2.5 hours 1-to-1 with her to improve my technique and nervousness after a many years break from skiing. Her technical feedback was hugely helpful and well-explained. Laure is really friendly and patient, and helped me to stay confident and optimistic even when my legs would not cooperate with her instructions! I would highly recommend Laure and have booked to see her again this week.

Martin wrote :
Lessons were at the right level for the group ability. By the end of four days the skiing from all was greatly improved and were all skiing with more confidence. Would recommend Laure to anyone as it could be seen she would adjust to suit competency of the skiers.

Frankie wrote :
Absolutely loved our lesson with Laure! Laure was lots of fun, very patient and really helpful. Came out of the lesson feeling much more confident with a few new things to practice. I would 100% recommend lessons with Laure!!

Pippa wrote :
Laure was a fantastic instructor - the three girls (aged 9 & 10yrs old) absolutely loved their sessions with Laure. They had 5 lessons 9.00am-1.00pm and she was very thorough and focused on improving their technical ability. The girls' feedback was that Laure made the lessons fun and took them on some interesting tracks while explaining each task in a way that was easy to understand. She really did pitch the level of understanding and learning correctly while keeping the lessons fun. A great instructor! THANK YOU from Emilia, Evie & Ava.

Rebecca wrote :
Laure was a fantastic teacher, her method of teaching really worked for us. She managed to give group instruction and feedback whilst also focusing on each of us individually. We all felt we had grown in ability and confidence after only an afternoon lesson with her.

Amanda wrote :
Eric was an exceptionally knowledgable, experienced and friendly instructor. There was nothing he didn’t know about the Courcheval ski area! He really helped our teenage girls develop technically but made it fun with breaks and trips to the funpark! I would recommend him to anyone for all levels.

Chloe wrote :
My lesson with Eric was amazing! He brought on my confidence so much and had me coming down green slopes perfectly. He always made me feel safe and that I could go at my own pace. Would highly recommend booking a lesson with Eric you will have a great time

Angus wrote :
Laure was an amazing, empathetic and patient teacher. For someone that had never skied and not extremely sporty, Laure was able to get me skiing confidently and in control by the end of the day. I would 1000% recommend Laure! THANK YOU!

Saul wrote :
I can't speak highly enough of Eric - we were a family of 4 intermediate skiers, our first time in Courcheval and having skied twice before. Our daughters are 9 and 11. Eric spent the whole week with us taking us on different runs around the slopes and guiding us during the half term break when the slopes are at their busiest. His patience was limitless and he always ensured that we skied safely and securely. His knowledge of the area coupled with his extensive skiing experience and teaching abilities were the perfect combination. If we come again, we will definitely be looking up Eric for skiing instruction in Courchevel.

Matt wrote :
Eric was a brilliant instructor who took my sloppy form that I've had for decades and turned it into proper technique. He explained the physics and the feel of proper ski technique and is a really nice guy, easy to be around! Would highly recommend you let him teach you!

Michael wrote :
I would give Laure a 6th star if there was a place for one. She was on top of it from beginning to end. I hired her for seven days straight. During that time she made sure we were skiing in the right place given the weather and snow conditions. She was always ready for good conversation on the lifts and constantly smiling. Technically Laure was excellent she helped me with a number of subtle corrections that helped me a lot. She is a good choice as a guide or instructor or both regardless of your level.

Eva wrote :
Eric is super professional and indeed knows the physics and technicals behind skiing. He explained everything to us in great details whilst keeping a great balance of actually putting it to practice. We will for sure go back to him when in Meribel next time!

Alex wrote :
I can’t believe the progress I made in 3 days with Eric. Above and beyond what I could have ever expected. He is so professional and makes sure that everything is at your own pace and that technique is focused on. 10/10 recommend.

Joe wrote :
Laure is a great teacher. She is patient and wants the best for her students.

Sean wrote :
Eric gives a superb lesson. Ive had a few instructors in boarding and skiing over the yeats but none were able to explain and help me underatand tge logic, physocs and reasoning behind the correct ski technique as well as Eric. Understanding this greatly improved our rate of advancement and gave us a steady foundation to move forward as skiers. All this was done in a friendly and polite manner. All other aspects in termsof communication, punctuality etc were exceptional also.

Don wrote :
Eric was an excellent instructor, he dealt very well with my partner and I having fairly different skill/confidence levels, and made sure our session was engaging and useful for both of us. We'll definitely look for him again on future visits to La Tania!

Callum wrote :
Laure is a fantastic instructor with good English-speaking skills. We had a mix of abilities in our lesson, but she handled it well making sure she gave us all helpful advice to progress to the next level. She has great patience with beginners as well as offering her vast knowledge to more intermediate/advanced skiers. Would highly recommend!

Kate wrote :
I spent three hours with Laure. Having not skied in several years, I lacked confidence and had some bad/wrong habits when it came to technique. Her approach is calm and friendly, and her explanation of technique is superb. I now look at skiing differently and managed to correct several aspects in our lesson. I look forward to putting these to practice, but most importantly, have gained more confidence. Thank you, Laure!

Kaye wrote :
Incredible lesson. Laure begins by studying how you ski. Quickly knows what is needed to ski better and then builds and builds abs builds this across runs of increasing difficulty. She focuses hard on ensuring you have mastered the skill on easier slopes before progressing to steeper. Best instructor ever.

Michael wrote :
Laure was a fantastic teacher! The lesson began with 7 beginners and ended with us all able to make our way around the slopes! Thanks so much once again Laure!

Charlotte wrote :
Laure was extremely friendly and gave great advice and tips to improve my skiing technique. I had a lovely lesson.

Christian wrote :
Laure est une instructrice geniale! She is not only extremely experienced but attentive to her students development needs and goals. She spends a great time throughout the lesson to also relate to human psychology on how long it might take to acquire and retain the techniques. She makes you feel at ease and knows how to articulate well what needs to be adjusted along the way. At last, her hour de vivre is contagious and makes it fun to learn with her… I highly recommend Laure to anyone visiting Courchevel and requires ski lessons.

Sulaiman wrote :
We had a great time with Eric and his methods of teaching are excellent which reflects his experience. My wife is a beginner and at the end of our lessons she was confident and understood the fundamentals to ski solo. He’s friendly, patient, and observant even with the smallest details. He builds confidence gradually and knows when to push for more or slow things down when needed. I highly recommend Eric for all levels as his feedback is very constructive.

Winter 2021

Sadly, with the pandemic, we couldn't teach.

Winter 2020

Ben M. wrote :
We stayed at Courchevel 1650 and Christian taught my 8 & 6 year old children who already had 4 weeks experience. He always arrived 10 minutes ahead of the scheduled time and was very flexible in the meet/drop off locations and willing to change with our plans. The kids loved his lessons and really progressed under his tutelage. We’ll definitely be getting in touch again next year. We only booked 3 hours a day but will book 4 hours next time to give him a greater range of places to take them during the lessons. Thanks Christian!


Loenne wrote :
If you're going skiing to Courcheval & want to book an instructor (regardless of skill), I implore you to book Eric! He is a simply outstanding teacher. He taught two of us for 12 hours (across three days); one of us being utterly afraid, after a nasty skiing accident. Eric has a fantastic temperament, which is exactly what you need when learning something new or improving on technique. He can tell how you are feeling from your body language and will push you as far as he thinks you are capable. He is also great at picking up on when you are tired. I cannot thank Eric enough for his kindness, thoroughness and patience last week. A huge mental block has been removed and I enjoyed skiing, after 22 years! Thank you and see you in 2021.

Leanne O.

Isla and Eva wrote :
This review is from Isla aged 9:

‘Laure was the best ski instructor I have ever had. I had a fear of button lifts and Laure taught me not to be afraid and now I love getting on button lifts! She also taught me to stop using snow plough and started doing parallel turns, she improved my confidence so much. I can’t wait to have her be my ski instructor again next year!’

This review is from Eva aged 13:

‘Laure was an amazing ski teacher, she taught me how to ski parallel and watched us all the time to see what we were doing wrong. She also made sure we had a lot of fun and took us to pistes we hadn’t been to before to make sure we didn’t get bored. I loved being taught by her and can’t wait to ski with her again.’

Marily wrote :
Laure is a wonderful teacher and person. Her teaching is straight forward and offers great tips to facilitate the embodiment of the concepts. I was able to feel confident to go down red slopes and to use the carving technique that I wasn’t familiar till then. She is authentic, kind, patient, and caring about others . I had a wonderful time with her for five days and will certainly make sure to have more lessons during my next visit to meribel. I highly recommend her!

Marily L.

Julia wrote :
I really appreciated my lessons with Eric! Being a complete beginner just after 3 classes I felt like I made some real progress and could even go on a blue run with him. Eric is really patient and explains everything very well, also extremely helpful - couldn’t find a better instructor! My friend who is a very good skier also took a class with him to advance her skills and was very positive at the end on progression of her technique. Highly recommended Eric to anyone from beginner to more advanced skiers!

Julia D.

Vincent wrote :
Christian took care of us the whole week. He is a great ski instructor, very patient, long experience, very knowledgeable and brilliant with kids. On top of that, he is a very nice person to spend the week with. Strongly recommended!

Kelly wrote :
Eric was great, I would 100% recommend Eric. He takes his time to explain the practical side and how to rectify any mistakes/ bad habits that you are making.My skiing has improved greatly and I’m now going down reds with no problems. Thank you Eric x

Kelly D.

Angela wrote :
Laure was a great instructor and was very patient.. I was a beginner and in my 4 hour lesson I was able to get around the slopes no problem . I would definitely recommend her for learning to ski.

Angela Y.

Chris wrote :
I cannot recommend Eric enough. We had our lesson on my first day back on the slopes this year, and by the end of the morning he’d totally got my confidence up, given me lots of tips for the week, and got me very comfortable on reds (plus did a black - didn’t expect that on first morning!). So clear, patient and confidence inspiring. Highly recommended! Chris (intermediate level)

Chris L.

Heather wrote :
Chris was exactly the instructor I needed. He really understood what I wanted to get out of my 3 morning sessions with him. I had a serious knee injury skiing last year whilst learning to ski and after having lessons for a week, I wanted an instructor who would push me but not so far as to destroy the confidence I had built up and also to take me further technically so that my parallel turns would be pretty much parallel! After skiing for no more that 2 minutes he identified an issue with my upper ski and gave me techniques to stop it catching and continued to give me tips and instruction whilst still getting some serious "miles" in. I wouldn`t hesitate to recommend Chris for all sorts of scenarios as I believe he has a knack for understanding what is required and is able to deliver. Furthermore he is a lovely guy.

Heather B.

Nicola wrote :
Éric was an excellent teacher and made me feel very comfortable and increased my confidence on parallel turns (I was very nervous). Éric was able to make me feel at ease while giving me the technical instruction and help me apply it with much more confidence than I imagined.

Joan wrote :
Dear Laure

Thank you so much for another brilliant fun week. I am in total awe of your patience however!

We had a great time and it is such an antidote to work even with the pounding music coming from the mountaintop restaurants!

Have a great rest of the season and keep safe. We’re looking forward to next season already - just need to pin down the dates.

Joan XX

Anushka wrote :
Eric is a very knowledgable and experienced ski instructor. He was able to tell at which point throughout the day I was able to advance in the lesson, making it a very productive one. He also explained the theory of the correct technique very clearly and made it easy to understand. I believe the day of the lesson was my 7th day ever skiing, and by the end of it, I was able to do a red run which I never expected to get to so early! If I can do it, anyone can! I highly recommend Eric as a ski instructor as he will give you the confidence to take on pistes that you wouldn't think you'd be able to, therefore allowing you to fully experience the 3 Vallees skiing region and why it is amongst the world's best places to ski. Lastly, I left my neck warmer in his bag and he brought it back to our hotel the next day, so kind! Many thanks Eric! Karan and Anushka

Anushka L.

Sarah wrote :
Probably the best instructor i’ve had in 50 years of skiing. Laure is clear, articulate and empathic. Every day was perfectly judged to have fun while improving my technique without feeling pushed. I had no hesitation in putting all my trust in her. I am 66 with myriad conditions and never thought I would get over to St Martin again let alone dream of coming down the black Suisses piste in Courchevel which I not only managed but enjoyed without fear. Not only is Laure an excellent teacher but she is also utterly charming and I highly recommend her to all.

Sarah K.

Mary wrote :
Dear Laure

We had a brilliant time. As recommended by you, the resort was perfect for all levels of skiing so everyone was happy.

You enabled Ben to progress confidently from the nursery slopes to the black pistes by the end of the week. He will now be able to ski confidently in future knowing his technique is good and that you erased any bad habits.

Iona has progressed steadily and enjoyed her time with you. It was lovely to see her parallel skiing down the piste and doing the jumps she so enjoys.

Calum and Xandi loved the freedom and the off-piste routes you did with them.

As mother, I am happy when everyone has had a good time and we all return home with no injuries!

Thanks to your expert guidance and instruction, we had a memorable holiday.

I will be in touch with dates for 2021

Karen wrote :
Dear Christian,

Thank you so very much for the wonderful video you sent of Ben and Noah! I am tearful having watched it because I am stunned by the incredible skiers these two young men have become. Thank you for teaching them so amazingly well and for providing them such adventure on the snow this season and so many seasons before. They clearly love it and that is because of what you have instilled in them. We will treasure this video always and cannot thank you enough. I understand ski touring may be on the cards for them in the future!

Wishing you a happy birthday for next week and Chris and I hope we will see you, and maybe meet for a drink, when we come the week of 20 January.

With very best wishes,


winter 2019

David & Silvia wrote :
Dear Sam,

Thank you so much for the ski lessons and expert guiding by Christian.

Sorry for the delay in sending you a review. Our lives have been so busy since!

Christian was a fantastic ski guide & instructor. He has evidently many years experience of this area of the Alps and was clearly so passionate about skiing and snowboarding.

He had a reassuring calm and supportive personality and was very friendly and helpful in making us all enjoy our week in the 3 Valleys. He guided our children around all the best pistes in Courchevel, taking account of the time of day and weather conditions. We really appreciated his expertise and company on the slopes. He was good with our children and made it fun for them helping them make great progress with their ski ability and confidence.

Please pass on our appreciation and we hope he is enjoying his summer now in the Caribbean.

Thank you to you too Sam for all the help and advice when we were planning the ski lessons. This was also much appreciated!

Kind regards, David & Silvia

Mike wrote :
Laure gave private lessons to my wife, my son and I at Les Menuires last week. She was very professional and helped correct a few bad habits my wife and I had picked up many years ago when skis and techniques were different than today's equipment. Before the lesson, I was tiring quickly due to a poor turning technique, so Laure took me back to basics, where we focused on proper balance and weight shifting using snowplow turns at first. Once I was using proper technique, I found that I could stay in Laure's tracks and ski all the way down a run without stopping at all. What a difference this made to both my muscle endurance and pain level! My wife had become intimidated by the steeper blue runs, but again, once Laure sorted out a few technical flaws and helped her with balance and weight shifting, she regained her confidence and was able to go quite far away from our chalet in spite of not being quite fully recovered from a torn ankle ligament that happened just after Christmas. My son has taken weeklong group lessons the last five times we skied in the Alps. With him, Laure focused on fun, bumps, jumps and taught him to ski moguls. He was going off to ski black runs by himself the last day we were in Les 3 Vallees and he also skied five resorts in four valleys in one day, Les Menuires, Meribel, Courchevel, Val Thoren, and Orelle, chalking up 31 miles that day. Not bad for a 13-year-old! To summarise, whether you just need a fine tuning of your technique or you are starting from scratch, I highly recommend Laure if you want to progress quickly. She is a delightful and very professional instructor.

Chris M wrote :
Laure was absolutely great and made the lessons fun and interesting for the kids and made technical improvements and confidence gains for the mums. Highly recommended!

Glen and Caren wrote :
Eric was fantastic and I would highly recommend him as a ski instructor! It was our first time skiing and Eric was super patient with us and gave us some great instruction to ensure we picked up skiing safely. His communication was clear and he made us feel comfortable allowing us to progress at our own pace. We were extremely happy that we worked with Eric and we cant wait to go skiing again!

Many thanks Eric!!

Wendy P wrote :
Laure was a brilliant instructor. She built up my daughter’s confidence on skis and was very knowledgeable. The lessons were great fun and my daughter loved learning with her. I would highly recommend Laure.

Wendy P. 10/04/2019

Maddy wrote :
Our two sons, aged 11 and 13, had a fantastic three days with Christian. They went off-piste and skied the ‘Grand Couloir’…neither of which they would have experienced with mum and dad! Their skiing technique and confidence has improved massively and we will be looking to book again for next year. They can’t wait to get back to skiing!

Mary D wrote :
Laure is a brilliant teacher both of adults and children. She was very patient and encouraging of my daughter who was nervous and gave her a really thorough basis from which to develop her skiing confidence and skills. Laure remained positive and enthusiastic all week and by the end of the week she was doing parallel turns. With me, she corrected some bad habits and gave me the technical skills to ski down slopes that had previously terrified me. It was a great week and we can’t recommend Laure highly enough.

Sarah Jahfar wrote :
I had not skied for 38 years, since a rather nervous week skiing as a teenager and thought I would not want to ski again. I came on holiday this February with a group of friends and thought I would just enjoy the scenery, snowshoe walking and the après-ski.

However, I had a single private lesson with Eric, who was clearly very experienced as a teacher. He reassured me through his explanations and made me feel very confident. I felt 100% safe with him. I learned so much in just one lesson and was able to go out with my friends onto a green and blue slope and do some basic, but really fun, parallel turns!

I now feel like I love skiing and want to go back as soon as possible!

Merci Eric!!!

Ros B wrote :
Laure was fantastic. I highly recommend her. We booked Laure for 4 hours on 2 consecutive days in Meribel. We are a British family of 5 of varying ability. She spent most time with our 2 youngest children who are aged 9 and 12. They really liked being with her and learnt a lot-really growing in confidence. She is hugely experienced and we all found her to be kind, gentle, easy to understand, and despite our differing abilities able to tailor her advice to each of us individually in a short period of time. I would recommend Laure without hesitation and am so grateful to find instructors of such good character and experience using Maison Sport. Thank you!

Ros B

Rachel M wrote :
Eric was warm, welcoming and patient. He gave us great tips and instruction that will make our holiday skiing more enjoyable. Thanks

Euan M wrote :
Eric was a fantastic teacher and I would be very happy to book a lesson with him the next time I’m in meribel

Jane W wrote :
Wow, this is the first time that I have actually felt comfortable on skis. Laure took time to understand my fears and ensured that my technical ability was there, before pursuing more difficult slopes. In the past I have used group sessions and although these are good for some people, I found that I was always left behind. Laure took me back to basics to ensure my confidence on steeper slopes. I'm hoping to return to Courchevel next year and will definitely book with Laure again.

Philip wrote :
Philip Hardman recommande Ski Progression Three Valleys : I’ve been using Eric and Christian for over 5 years from teaching myself , my son and newbies to our group when we visit the 3 Valleys. They are just awesome and now exactly how far to push you to achieve great results. Keep up the excellent work and hope to you see soon XX

Phil wrote :
Many thanks for the email, back in work now wishing I was still there, the conditions this year were I thought exceptional, great weather, great skiing and a little Apre ski

With regards to your specific request I and all of the guys that had lessons were more than complimentary about Eric and Christian method of instruction they really are a credit to the school, Eric always seems to know how far to push without endangering or putting us at risk, so absolutely BIG thanks to them both.

My only wish was that I was fitter so that I could take real advantage of his teachings, maybe next time I’ll be a fitter lol

I will sometime this week post some stuff on your facebook page

Once again many thanks to you Laure and of course Eric and Christian, have a great season

See you next time

Regards Phil

Paul wrote :
Very good experience with Eric. He is an excellent teacher and after just two days with him I felt confident to tackle green runs on my own.

It is likely that we will return to La Tania next season and I will definitely book a refresher course with you.

Kind regards

David wrote :
Hi Sam,
Please pass on our thanks to Laura and Christian. We had a great morning with each of them.

My mum was taught by Laure, despite being in her late 60’s, it was her first time on skis and she loved every minute of it. Laure gave her the confidence to book a second lesson later in the week and get back on the mountain, she would love to go back and do it all again.

My wife and I had a beginner snowboard lesson with Christian after only boarding for five hours previously. He was fun, friendly and informative and by following his guidance and practicing what he showed us, we were both going down greens and blues by the end of the week.

Thanks again,

Jane wrote :
Dear Laure,

The girls had a fabulous time with Eric, he made it a lot of fun for them. Rob, Will and Clare went with Eric on Friday, they said he was fantastic and wished they had had more time with him.

Hope to see you again next year.


Winter 2018

Adrian, Tracey, Jake, Anna & Robbie wrote :
We had a brilliant week with Christian. He was very patient and dealt superbly with the different needs of our family, ag3ed from 8 – 45!

Christian was extremely patient, skilled and fun! Whatever the weather he found pistes and off-piste runs that gave us maximum enjoyment, excitement and fun with minimal disruption due to mist or rain.

We are all good to very good skiers yet Christian ensured that we all learnt something new, as well discovering the myriad different runs in the three valleys.

A brilliant experience all round. Thank you Christian and we’ll see you next year!

Catherine wrote :
Christian was so nice , expert advice and really helpful. I will definitely use you guys again.

Just to give me an idea - if we were to come next year and we wanted a guide or a few days how soon would I need to book? X

Hiver 2017

Becky wrote :
Hi Sam

I had a lovely stay in La Tania thank you!
Erik was brilliant. He really is a great instructor. Within a few hours i was skiing better than i ever had before and he really improved my confidence. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons and hope to come back next year!

Thank you

Neil wrote :
Have just spent a week in La Tania with some afternoon lessons from Eric. I have to say it is the development and an improvement in my technique and confidence I have ever had, to marks to Eric and all the La Tania crew! Hopefully see you again next year!

Simon wrote :
Hi Sam,

The girls both really enjoyed the class. They said that Christian was lovely and although covered a lot throughout each day, they were both really comfortable with the pace. Considering neither of them had properly skied before, I was really surprised with how well they progressed. At the end of only 3 days skiing, they were both comfortable tackling blue runs. The small concentrated group structure of ski progression’s lessons I think really benefits the students. Thanks to Ski Progression, and please give personal thanks to Christian from Kaveeta and Renda.



Karen wrote
Many thanks to Christian for a terrific lesson in La Tania. We wanted a refresher lesson, to remind us of key techniques and help build up our confidence. Christian was great, concentrating on the main points we needed to work on in an easy to remember way. The lesson improved our confidence no end, so that we were able to tackle runs we wouldn't have dared try previously and really get the most out of our holiday. Thanks again, Christian!

Karen wrote
Many thanks to Christian for a terrific lesson in La Tania. We wanted a refresher lesson, to remind us of key techniques and help build up our confidence. Christian was great, concentrating on the main points we needed to work on in an easy to remember way. The lesson improved our confidence no end, so that we were able to tackle runs we wouldn't have dared try previously and really get the most out of our holiday. Thanks again, Christian!

Nick wrote
Myself, my wife and daughter had a 3 hour lesson hoping to have some advice on improving our techniques. Laura watched us ski for 2 minutes and worked out the most important thing that she could do for us in the lesson time available. As we are all different abilities, the advice was different for each of us. She spent time explaining the key things we should be doing and then concentrated on us one at a time, but ensuring the other 2 had things to practice. At the end of the lesson all of us had benefitted from her advice and had a range of things to practice for the rest of the week. Since the lesson we have been doing our best to follow this advice and all of us feel our technique has improved. So thanks for the lesson, if we come back to the 3 Valleys next year we would certainly book another lesson or two with Laura.


Sylvain wrote
Thanks Laure. Great teacher who is able to lead us 5 ignorant people towards the pleasure of skiing.
With our kids aged 4,6 and 10 We spent 5 great days with Laure.
None of us had ever skied before and at the end of the week we are able to enjoy it very much.
Our son Alec aged 10 could even follow his friends on red tracks/ pistes on the 6th day.
We are all happy on nice green slopes
We shall come back

Sylvain Hugues Bournigault

Brian wrote
Just back from my second season with Ski Progression. Last time my family and I were complete beginners. Within just a week we were all skiing with confidence. It was an obvious choice to return to Ski Progression to help us build on our existing skills. Within just a few days, I was skiing a range of green and blue runs around the Three Valleys. A special thank you to our instructor, Laure, for your passion, professionalism and sense of humour!

Brian Jarvis

Adrien wrote
I personally love Skiprogression, in top of the very organised lesson, you get to meet nice instructors, you get to have a lot fun and, of course, you get to enjoy a true skiing experience! Not much to say except that I am thrilled each time I go skiing with you!
Can't wait for the next skiing session !

Adrien 17 years old

Emma wrote
Emma Bryden Thank you Ski Progression our 6 yr old had a fabulous week and her skiing came on brilliantly. Thanks Christian for your great teaching and patience.

Joseph wrote
During my week skiing with Ski Progression Laure has taught me a lot of things, I am only a teen and I have had the best week with her. She has helped with my balance and my parallel turns. It really helped me as I improved a lot. I have been with Ski progression for 4 years and my skiing has improved so much and I highly recommend them. One day I went with Laure for a whole day and after that day I knew Laure had improved me as every single day before my legs were hurting now they weren’t as I was told not to do any snowploughs and it worked. Again I would highly recommend them as they can help you ski better for the future and the next day. She also takes you through powder which is really fun.

Joseph Le Bihan

Joanne wrote
We skied over the New Year week and had Laure for the 6 days. As two family’s with different needs we split our time with Laure each day. Somedays we all started off together and then after a much needed and reviving coffee, one or two of us would go with Laure for more focused instruction. Our 13 year old son headed off on a few afternoons on his own with Laure when they would do some fun stuff, playing in the park and finding some powder.
Both families also had a couple of days each with Laure. Booking as a group worked really well as we had total flexibility each day and could change plans according to how we felt.

We have skied with Ski Progression for several years and they are friendly professional ski instructors, who tailor their sessions to suit each individual. I had an accident not long after I started skiing and it has lodged in my mind, but Laure has helped me to overcome this memory and have fun skiing. It’s lovely to be able to ski together as a family and we enjoyed having Laure teaching us new skills and refining technique.

Joanne Le Bihan

Chris wrote:
It was a great pleasure to experience the excellent services of Ski Progression again last week in Courchevel. We booked six 4 hour lessons with Eric initially and then Christian for a mixed beginners group of 3 adults and 2 children (age 9 & 11). Despite the restricted availability of beginners slopes due to the snow conditions, the group made exceptional progress and ended the week confidently skiing on red and blue runs. The calm, patient but clear instruction paid dividends as did the flexible approach to lessons to ensure each member of the group was developed and encouraged appropriately. The entire group ended the week excited by their progress and eager to return to the slopes.

We have employed Laure as an instructor in previous years and booked a technique improvement lesson this year. Whether working to improve intermediates or teaching beginners, Laure clearly communicates and delivers results with precise but patient instruction.

We have used other ski tuition companies but Ski Progression stand out as an excellent small company offering exceptional service and value in the Three Valleys. Highly recommended.

Chris Bradley

Winter 2016

Pierre-Edouard wrote:

Another awesome week (the 3rd) with Laure, the ski master from ‪skiprogression3valleys, in action in the video. Great weather, good snow conditions, and fantastic improvement of the whole family's skiing skills. Thank you very much. We will come back!

10 to 16 avril 2016

Rupert wrote:
Dear Sam,

Thank you we had a wonderful holiday, even though the snow was past its best.

Laure was the most fantastic instructor we could have wished for. She was brilliant with our children; she completely nailed their characters on the first day and was able to push, tease, cajole and challenge them to improve daily.
By the end of the week their skiing had improved hugely but they were also so much more confident.
We tend to visit different resorts each year but will probably return to Les Trois Vallees next year just for Laure!

We hope to be back next year.

Best wishes,


Liz wrote:
I thought Laure was an outstanding instructor, she was very patient with me when I felt rather nervous about getting on skis. I thought that I wouldn't ever be able to pick it up but after some time with Laure, I felt a lot more confident! I will be back and I will definitely be looking for some more help from you guys to take me to the next level.


Charlotta wrote:
Hi Sam

We had a great holiday and got back last night, tired but very happy!

Laure was a great teacher for us. She immediately observed and picked up what we each needed to work in. She increased my confidence by eliminating old habits and focusing on good balance and position.

She really helped my daughter who had to film her skiing for A level PE. She boosted her confidence and kept reminding her how to improve. This made a difference to the rest of the week.

She helped my husband, challenging his arms as well as his legs!

As requested, she allowe my son to do his own thing and just gave him one piece of input to think about. Ideal.

Overall, in the 3 hours we had, we all got the input we were looking for which lead to great week.

With thanks and best wishes


The Hope-Hawkins children wrote wrote:
Thank you Laure for a super fun week. We have loved every minute with you and learnt so much!
We hope to be able to ski with you next year.

Amelia and Freddie xx

P.S. Freddie says your forfeit is to ski down on one ski!

Mark wrote:
Dear Eric,

I hope this finds you well and you have had an enjoyable season. Our plans to return to la tania did not pan out this year and we ended in St Gervais over half term- too busy by far. We also grabbed a few days in kitzbuhel. On each occasion we have had an instructor for a day or half days here and there. It has made us realise more clearly what a great time we had with you. I look back at your professionalism and energy for ski instruction and remember well hiking for half an hour to ski steep couloirs. You effortlessly showed me what I could be doing to improve my steep skiing and as soon as we were back on the piste meeting the rest of our family and taking my 5 year old boy under your guidance to develop a bomb proof skiing stance which he maintains today. The girls remember your instruction and Eva s skiing has gone from strength to strength but her tidy style developed in the week we spent in la Tania. I never got round to write to thank you for those few days. I look back on that week with great memories helped in part by the magic weather we had but mainly by your tireless efforts to ensure we got the best out of any ski time available combined with your inspired coaching and capacity to keep us all motivated for the next adventure. We will be booking again and I could not recommend your ski school more highly.

Thanks again and best wishes


Rob wrote:
I recently stayed in La Tania on a skiing holiday. Although I have skied for around 20 years I have lost a little confidence in my technique and control on the slopes. My wife and I had taken lessons previously with Ski Progression and so decided to return. Having contacted Ski Progression by e-mail I was quickly contacted and was able to book up lessons very easily and quickly. I was delighted with the flexibility they demonstrated as they were able to meet all my dates and times that I requested. Also, that I was able to ski again with Christian who had taught myself and my wife 4 or 5 years back.

I booked one 3 hour afternoon lesson and two 4 hour morning lessons. As I am 55 years of age with a minor disability I do face some challenges whilst skiing and I was delighted that after a brief discussion with Christian we were able to focus on three or four key elements to help me regain control and enjoy my skiing more. Christian is very patient, has a wealth of experience and good English, and was able to easily convey the rudiments of what I was doing - both wrong and right - and I was very quickly enjoying my skiing, under control and with renewed enthusiasm!

In summary, I was very pleased with my experience of Ski Progression, on both occasions, and would thoroughly recommend their services to anyone seeking sympathetic, intelligent and enjoyable ski instruction, both one on one, and in small groups.

Thank you Christian!

Rebecca wrote:
Hi Sam,

We had a great week thanks! Emma, Owen, Harry and Fin had an amazing time skiing with Chris - conditions were very mixed and they did some challenging skiing - they have all improved so much! Thanks for the 2 videos as well - we loved watching them.


John and Blossom wrote:
Many thanks to Chris for looking after our guest's kuds this last week. The children all enjoyed themselves immensely and their parents are delighted with both the progress and the fun they had.

Rachel wrote:
Dear Sam,
Thank you once again for a fab week skiing.

Will says……
“Chris is a fun, cheerful and great ski teacher who is very understanding and extremely likeable. The lessons are super fun and he has really helped me to become a better skier!”

Tom says…..
“Chris is a very charismatic and fun person to be around. He has really brought my skiing on a lot and really treats us much more like adults than kids. I really enjoy my lessons!”

Many thanks,

Mason wrote:
Hi Sam.

Just wanted to say how grateful I am for Christian's first class instruction yesterday morning

The boys really enjoyed the session and have come on lots as a result. I ran into Christian earlier today and said thanks to him in person, but wanted to let you know.

Many thanks and regards

Mason King

John wrote:
Hi Sam

We were very impressed with the service provided by Ski Progression. We booked separate lessons last minute (2 intermediate and 1 intermediate/advanced lesson) and all of us got a great deal out of the lessons. Eric was fantastic – he communicated very well and made the lessons both extremely worthwhile and fun. We all agreed that we came on leaps and bounds after the lessons. The booking process was smooth and the price was very competitive. We would highly recommend taking lessons with Ski Progression if anybody is going to La Tania.

Kind regards


Lucy wrote:
After years of having lessons with more "commercial" ski schools across the French Alps, I'm so glad I booked lessons with Laura and Christian at Ski Progression. The instruction I received was excellent and by far the best I have experienced. Christian and Laura are both very thorough and, unlike other ski schools, don't just guide you around the pistes without teaching you anything. Within just a few hours my technique had improved tremendously and I had broken the bad skiing habits I had acquired over the years.


Mark wrote:
Laure is a very very good teacher and a lovely person. As a teacher she analyses quickly then instructs clearly and precisely.
She is also a great individual to spend time in the mountains with - fun and irreverent.
I have been skiing for many years but always benefit from time with Laure.

Julia wrote:
Dear Laure, I want to thank you for the great week of skiing that i spent with you!
Although the weather was not too good often (even raining during a couple of days), it was one of the best skiing weeks in my life It was so because you did your best to make it as such :) You were always able to find the right valley and slopes to ski, given the conditions :) and it was almost a miracle that while everybody else was skiing under the rain, we were in the parts of three valleys where it was snowing and not raining ;) You managed to improve my skiing significantly during only one week (though i've been skiing for 8 years already) due to your pacience and individual approach!
And thank you for nice and enjoying conversations at the lunches ;)) I will come back next season! And i do hope you would be able to find time to teach me in your busy working schedule ;) Best regards!


Wendy wrote:
Thanks for another great set of ski & snowboarding lessons to Eric, Chris & Laure during the Christmas week 2015. We can thoroughly recommend all three instructors who have a calm & caring approach helping to build confidence.
They are able to adapt their approach for children & adults. After a lesson with Chris, Tess said that she "felt like a skier for the first time!" Book early to avoid disappointment.

Happy New Year to you all!


Nicola wrote:
Thanks Laure for the fantastic ski lessons last week in courchevel.
I loved them, I felt so much more confident by the end of the week

Tony wrote:
This was our second week of lessons with Laure, and as with the first we all had a great time and learnt so much. Laure Split us by ability and gave each of us so much guidance that we all noticed a big improvement by the end of the week. Looking forward to booking again in the future.

Winter 2015

Houda wrote:
I had an amazing week with Eric at the beginning of February 2015. As I was a total beginner I decided to book 5x4hours. To be honest I was so anxious before my first lesson I thought that I would never see the end of it!

Actually, Eric was such an amazing and skilled teacher that I didn’t want the class to come to an end! He managed to reassure me every step of the way, I have rarely seen an instructor with such a good pedagogy! My confidence on the slopes increased so much over the week that I couldn’t believe what I was doing.

Eric managed to get me from the bunny slopes, to green slopes and then to blue and red slopes in such a smooth and gradual way that my progression felt very natural. Nothing brutal at all. I really enjoyed this week with Eric and hope to see him again next time!

Clare wrote:
Dear Sam
I wanted to express my thanks to Laure and Ski Progression for giving our 4 children such a great start to skiing. All 4 made amazing progress and grew in confidence and skill each day under Laure's superb direction. One of the group was more tentative than the other 3 and Laure made a great move in giving my younger daughter a one to one session for the first hour and a quarter and then taking the other 3 for the remaining lesson. This proved very effective and all children progressed more quickly and were less tired at the end of the day.

I did a lot of investigation on the various ski schools available in La Tania and was conscious that with a small group of complete beginners skiing in April that we needed focussed teaching with a small group but that was also good value money -Ski Progression was the only ski school which met these criteria.

We would always recommend Ski Progression for instruction in the 3 valleys

Best regards

Rachelle wrote:
Thank you once again for the great lessons you gave Jeff. I skied with him on the Friday, he did really well Keeping his skis pretty much parallel.
We caught the bus to Courchevel and skied Jardin Alpin then went on Verdons twice. I'm sure if we come back to La Tania next year he will be booking another week with you.
Madoc and I also enjoyed our lesson very much. I put into practise what you taught me.

Sophie wrote:
Hi Sam,
Better late than never. I thought I would send you a quick email to mention how much my husband and I got out from our private lesson with Eric.

We went in the afternoon of day 2 of our skiiing week when the weather had turned nasty and we 'enjoyed' driving ice drops in our faces and no visibility. This didn't stop us however and under Eric's supervision we skied for 3 hours and enjoyed it all the same.

Actually it did my confidence wonders as I would have never wanted to ski in that kind of weather in an unknown resort before. However Eric's friendly advice and reassurance made me think that I could now tackle so much more than I first thought capable.

A few days later the nasty weather and poor visibility returned and we went out skiing relying on our newly found confidence and following shadows in front of us to find our way. Without the lesson with Eric it is likely I wouldn't have wanted to ski on that day so thanks to Eric for helping me build my confidence and for the detailed technical explanations which my husband enjoyed.

Many thanks

Ross wrote:
Hi, great lesson, really pleased with Christian my instructor. Good tuition and would recommend to anyone.

Nicola wrote:
I thoroughly enjoyed my skiing lessons with Christian, he was amazing! He really understood that I needed to improve my confidence on the slopes and worked with me at my own pace over the 9 hours of lessons I had with him. I would never use a ski school again, private lessons are absolutely worth the money! Thank you Christian for making my holiday such a brilliant experience.

I do hope to come back to La Tania, and if I do I will certainly make arrangements for private tuition with Ski Progession and Christian again.

Many thanks

Louise wrote:
I was absolutely delighted with my private lesson, with Christian. Within 5 mins of my lesson he had discovered all my bad ski habits and set about teaching me new techniques and refreshing my memory on some old skills I’d forgotten. My skiing style drastically changed and suddenly my skiing became effortless!

I really liked Christian’s style of teaching. He has a gentle character and is very encouraging. My lesson was adapted perfectly for me and as I am a physiotherapist, he included quite a few anatomical terms, to help me perfect the right skills.

I thoroughly recommend anyone taking up some private lessons with Ski Progression, as it was well worth the money!!

Kind regards,
Louise Clark

Alan wrote:
Many thanks for the afternoon lesson I had with you. Apart from my technique, which improved very much, it was also how my confidence increased so much as well. My outlook towards skiing has also changed that I enjoy it much more now.

My best regards to you.
Alan from wales

Jackie wrote:
Hi Sam,
I had a lovely time thank you very much.

My brother in law had lessons with your company (Laure) at Christmas time and as a result I had high expectations for my lesson. I wasn't disappointed and am pleased to say that Chris was every bit as good as Laure had previously been described to me.

I would have rated myself a 'nervous intermediate' prior to my lesson. I'd always thought i had a fear of speed though Chris identified this was more a case of fear I might lose control. We worked on a number of simple techniques to improve my control and my ability is now way beyond my expectations. On the last day of my trip I completed my first ever black run, totally relaxed and in control. No falls and only one photo stop for me to take a photo as proof of my achievement! All of that came as a result of my 3 hours with Chris. I will definitely book with your company again and wouldn't hesitate to recommend you. I'll also put my photographic evidence on your facebook page!

Big thank you to Chris!

Best regards


Jeanne wrote:
Thanks to Laura I have just had one of the best lessons I have ever had, and I have had a few!
Laura's approach was patient, clear, precise and encouraging. She managed to iron out issues which improved my sking to such an extent that I was expertly guided down 3 couloirs, the last being the grand couloir.
I will definitely be using Ski Progression the next time I am in the Three Valleys.

Many thanks

Jeanne Joyce

Simon wrote:
Eric was excellent and enjoyed our afternoon, if you have anymore availability pls call us.

Thx Si

Brian wrote:
A big 'thank you' to Laure at Ski Progression for her expert tuition, patience and understanding.
5 days of lessons saw myself and two daughters go from complete beginners, who could barely stand up in skis, to being able to control our speed and direction on the piste with confidence.
My partner and friends, all of whom had more experience, were also challenged to improve their technique and progress further. Laura's friendly and insightful approach, really engaged me and my family.

Really looking forward to returning next year! - à Courchevel 1850.


Michele wrote:
Really enjoyed my lesson with Laure yesterday.
She is incredibly patient and soon realised that repetition was what I needed to unlearn my bad habits! I will be going out to practice what she taught me later today.
I have two friends who need to have skiing lessons, and I would definitely recommend Laure to them.



Vicky and Sujata wrote:
We had a fantastic week of lessons with Eric in La Tania.
We are both intermediate skiers and wanted to feel confident on red runs.
By the end of the week we had gone from being nervous on blue runs to feeling reasonably confident on black runs!

Eric was patient, kind and clearly incredibly skilled.
We could not have chosen a better instructor. He was ready with good advice and supportive in his manner.
Even when our allotted time was over, if weather conditions were adverse, Eric would ski with us all the way back to La Tania.

On previous holidays we have booked lessons with bigger ski schools but we would highly recommend this smaller more personal school.

See you next year Eric!

Vicky and Sujata

Jon wrote:
Ollie and Ben had a great 4 days with Chris learning to snowboard.
After booking only 3 mornings they were very keen to have an extra lesson which shows how much they enjoyed it.
We were very pleased that they went from never even standing on a snowboard to cruising over to Courchevel 1850 from La Tania with no problems and they're very keen to do it again next year.
Chris was great with them and they had a brilliant time.

Thanks again

Jon Carty

Emma wrote:
Laure was a great instructor. She listened to my experience and taught me how to ski in parallel.
She ran over the important parts a few times to make sure I could remember after the lesson and recommended the runs she thought would be suitable for me experience.
She even saw me later in the week in town and asked how I'd got on after the lesson which I thought was lovely of her.

Thank you so much,


Eva wrote:
I was very impressed with your helpfulness in organising the lesson, and Laure’s skill as an instructor - she was helpful, encouraging, explained things clearly and even offered to drop me back off at wherever I wanted to be. I felt it was money well spent.

Your sincerely

Jess wrote:
I had a fantastic time in La Tania despite the lack of fresh snow. My tuition with Christian was fantastic. A very patient, calm instructor who offers real good constructive advice! I lost my confidence in snowboarding but after a couple of lessions with 'ski progression' it soon returned!

Phil wrote:
Phil and I just wanted to write to let you know that we thought that Ski Progression has been the most professional ski school that we have used so far!
From the initial contact, advice given, booking lessons, to the lessons themselves for our son Oscar, the whole process was easy, friendly and efficient.
Christian was superb with our young son (age 7) making the lessons fun and interesting. His skiing progressed enormously and as parents we were so proud to ski with him in the afternoons watching him ski confidently, carving effortless down the slopes! Oscar was very proud of his ski medal and is taking it to school on Monday to show all his friends!
The photos were a nice touch too.
When we come to La Tania again we will definately be booking up with Ski Progression!

Thank you again and best regards to Christian hope to see you again.

With best regards
Lisa, Phil and Oscar Hooper

Rachelle wrote:
Thanks to Laure my husband Jeff had an excellent first week learning how to ski.
He had so much faith and convidence in Laure that he we will hopefully be returning in March for another week.

Thanks again and see you soon
Jeff and Rachelle

Nicola wrote:
Another expert! Thanks Laure we had an amazing time x

Nicola wrote:
Huge thanks to Christian for making our holiday such fun, and helping us all to become better skiers and boarders.

Tony wrote:
Thanks to your fantastic teaching Laure, everyone returned home happy and wants to return later this year.

Wendy wrote:
Had a fantastic Christmas week 2014 with Laure, Eric & Christian improving our skiing technique. I highly recommend all 3 instructors.

Laure has taught my children for almost 10 years now and I can't keep up with them anymore! Laure is excellent at making it fun for the kids with lots of games, so that they are not even aware that they are progressing. Laure is also great with adults - she is very personable and good at encouraging speed and confidence.

Eric is very good with adults at building confidence and improving technique. Eric knows where to go to find the quiet slopes and he is intuitive and knows just how far to challenge you.

Christian is multi-talented, kind, patient and able to teach skiing and snowboarding to adults and children.

Karen wrote:
Now that the ski gear is clean and stored waiting for our return to the slopes in March/April, we wanted to send our grateful thanks again to you all for yet another wonderful week of skiing.
I must say we were concerned that after many fun filled weeks skiing the Three Valleys over the last seven years, we thought the lack of snow would very likely make this Christmas Week a bit of a disappointment.
Not at all, we enjoyed it just as much as we always do and that was mainly down to Ski Progression (with a big well done too to S3V for doing the best they could with almost nothing to work with)! Not only do we feel that Ski Progression provide excellent instruction, but because you know the Three Valleys so well, you always seem to know the best place to try and make the most of whatever the conditions.
For us, this local knowledge coupled with experience and never ending patience is like gold dust and made what could have been a bit of an okay holiday, into yet another memorable week for our entire family.
And Eric, thank you once again for working so well building my confidence. I know I am a bit of a nervous skier, and my confidence is two steps forward and one step back at times.
This last week the icy snow was a big challenge for me but I am now much more confident in how to cope with ice thanks to your continued efforts and encouragement.

Winter 2014

Stewart wrote:
Just what we asked for and needed!. A great days skiing and a great days tuition with lots of local history thrown in as well.
What could be better. Eric showed us places we had not been to before including some great off-piste areas as well as explaining the different snow conditions and how to manage them.
The thoughts and ideas Eric provided helped us become better skiers that week and also provided a lot to think about as we look to improve our technique in the future.
I hope to come back next year and will book another day with Ski Progression and Eric.

Stewart Knox

Ben wrote:
Following the recommendation of John and Blossom I had a great lesson with Eric off-pisting.
As you may recall the conditions weren’t right for us to head out into the wide open spaces but we had nearly three hours skiing stretches of off-piste next to and between runs.
Eric pushed my hard and I learnt a lot and significantly improved my off-pisting (if only I could be sure of having those new skills to hand when I hope to ski next season!).

After a couple of weeks at home after my holiday with you I was very lucky to find myself skiing in La Plagne for a week.
I had two lessons there with a recommended instructor and whilst she was a good deal blonder and prettier than Eric, and although she clearly new her stuff, the single lesson I had with Eric was far more effective and taught me a huge amount more than these following lessons.

Ben Longstaff 23/04/04

Rachel wrote:
Huge thanks to Christian for his wonderful instruction last week and for being so flexible and accommodating!
All 3 boys enjoyed their lessons so much and their skiing progressed massively.
We have already booked back into La Tania for 2015.
Have you started taking bookings yet for next season?

Many thanks, Rachel

David wrote:
I would like to thank Eric and Christian again for the excellent lessons we had over the christmas period.
The boys, after their lessons with Christian, are so fast and technically so good that I will have to come to La Tania for a week's intensive course with Eric to catch up!
Anna and I really enjoyed Eric's tuition and improved immensely too.
We even got to see Eric's magnificent grey coat on one particularly windy afternoon!

Hope to see you all again
Merci et bon chance

David, Anna, Stanley and Larry

Nigel wrote:
We had another two lessons with Eric in this, our second season.
Eric is fantastic and has really helped with our confidence.

Next year, we're hoping that our two children will be joining us and will certainly be booking more lessons at the ski school.

Thanks again.

Kind Regards, Nigel & Theresa Matthews

Jenny wrote:
Hi, just to send some positive feedback. I had a lesson with Laure today and really enjoyed it! She's a really good teacher and skilled at encouraging you to move to the next level without pushing too hard. I'll come back to ski progression in the future should I come back to la tania! Thank you

Lex and Jason wrote:
We had a fabulous time with Eric. We were complete beginners and he was so patient with us and made us feel so confident. He gave us individual feed back and took his time to correct our positioning and explained all the mechanics of skiing to us.

Eric was such a calm instructor and made us feel calm too when we were doing new things like going on the different lifts and attempting our first steep slopes! Not only was he a great skiing teacher but he was also so knowledgable and passionate about the local area. We loved that he came prepared to each lesson with a plan and had already been out before our lessons to check that routes were open and clear. We never felt like he was making us do something that we couldn't do.

We loved our time with Eric so much that we actually booked him for an extra morning. We feel he gave us such a good base for our future skiing trips and our more experienced friends were very impressed with how fast we learnt to ski.

Thank you so much.

Lex and Jason :)

Chris wrote:
Positive: Laure, Eric and Christian are great, all excellent ski instructors with a lot of patience and a great way of explaining how to ski and how to improve. Eric and Laure have resurrected my wife's skiing and have both also brought my skiing along a lot to where I can ski Red runs very comfortably and Black Runs without worry. My wife was very nervous and had lost confidence after a fall and Christian was superb and patient in restoring confidence and bringing her back through the basics with ease. We recommend them to everyone but we are not worried that they might get too popular.

TO improve: I preferred the approach where we did not have to pay in advance and whilst I understand that you have to take some money I donӴ think you should take it all ahead of time.

We will see you again next season

Georgina wrote:
Ski Progression were incredibly professional for a small company and I found the booking and general admin very efficient and straightforward. We really appreciated the flexibility of the company as my husband broke his foot the day before his off piste lesson but Christian (the instructor) was really good about instead taking myself and two friends for a day of on piste tuition. He was an excellent teacher and gave us a good balance of technique development and just straightforward fun skiing on slopes appropriate to the standard of all three of us. His English was brilliant and we thoroughly enjoyed our day out. I will definitely be re-booking my husbandӳ off piste lesson with Ski Progression next year and may also take another lesson myself.

Sarah wrote:
I wanted to say thank you to Eric for such an amazing lesson on sunday 26th january. Having never even been on a real ski lift before and only one previous ski lesson on a nursery slope over 12 months ago I really was a beginner to say the least! Eric's professionalism and experience was clear from the start and undoubtably made our holiday a success - I felt confident in him immediately and he guided me expertly through a two hour lesson so that by the end I was confident enough to go off with my husband (a more experienced skier) the next day and explore the 3 valleys, I skied greens and blues including the challenging blue down to La Tania resort - amazing! I cannot recommend ski progression enough, what I learned in two hours I heard others only just beginning to tackle after a week in ski school..excellent tuition - Thank you Eric so much! My husband also really appreciated having the last half hour of the lesson with Eric and having the opportunity to practice being much more adventurous but with the added security of an experienced skier guiding him! We loved itƴhank you again.

Richard wrote:
I booked a morning lesson for a small group of us (beginner/intermediates) with Ski Progression in Jan 2014, enabling an efficient last minute booking. Chris was an excellent, very experienced instructor, giving us good, tailored advice, including some useful exercises that we could practice on our own later. I would recommend Ski Progression to other people! I only wish I could still be skiing now!

Thanks, Richard

Sylvia wrote :
A very big thank you to Laure and Eric.
I was skiing once for two days when I was 16 and then never again till now 35 years later.
Laure, in one day you gave me the confidence to change from a beginner to someone who could manage the “idiot hill” alone with confidence and a smile on the lips ;-).
And Eric, with your training and support we went down a blue slope on the third day – what an amazing success and a great feeling!
Thank you so much for all, I am sure to come back to you!

Kind regards

Aline wrote :
Hi Laure,

I would like to thank you again for all your patience in teaching me skiing or at least taking the first steps.
I know, it was not easy because you had to convince my head a lot. I really finally enjoyed it after I had come over my panic.
It was great to see how easy you recognize mistakes and can tell me how to do better.
On sunday, when we did not meet anymore, I did a few rounds again just for returning with a comfortable feeling. It felt really good. I went down our little hill without any problems. It would not have worked without you.
Thanks again!

I really hope you have a good time. We are back home again in snow! Yes really! And -13 degrees at daytime

Have a great winter and a relaxing summer.
All the best.

Ирина Орлова wrote :
Thank you very much.
It is wonderful photos!!!
I am glad that you was my teacher in snoowboard!!
Thank you!
I hope that we will meet next winter !

Nicola wrote :
Christian gave expert tuition to everyone in our family over a week of great skiing. It was a repeat booking - he taught our son to snowboard last year and he made fantastic progress, moving quickly and confidently and staying in control at all times.

You can see how steady he has become in the video he made and he had more lessons this year to improve further.

Christian also helped my husband and I improve our skiing technique, and probably most importantly gave our daughter back her confidence to ski; she enjoyed the holiday far more than she expected to and that was in no small part down to Christian’s excellent judgement in improving her skiing and taking her on different kinds of slope at exactly the right pace.

Joan wrote :
Dear Laure
I just wanted to say thank you for making last week such a fantastic week. I really did have a great time, surprising myself - and several others - as I really was very unsure about how I would get on. I think you picked up the vibes from the number of times poor Karen had to email you to let you know my plans had changed - yet again! You were very patient yet managed to build my confidence, pushing me just enough at the right times. I think it has certainly laid a ghost to rest. Karen is busy planning the next trip!

Thank you again - I really did have an absolute blast!

Love Joan

Karen wrote :
Dear Eric, Christian and Laure,
Thank you very much for the birthday wishes for Noah and the lovely photographs. Noah had a lovely day yesterday, inviting two friends for lunch at a pizza restaurant followed by a trip to the cinema. I was in much trouble last year as we travelled back to Jersey from La Tania on 30 December and Noah was cross that he spent most of his birthday in airports!

We thank you all again for a wonderful week skiing. It was a great success for us all. Joan enjoyed her downhill and Susie her cross country. Joan was very uncertain about trying downhill and we always had it as a back up plan that if she tried and hated it, then Chris would take over her lessons with Laure and Joan may either cross country ski or sit in the chalet with a good book. Thankfully Laure worked her magic and Joan is now not only happy to have tried skiing, but we all think she has done rather well and she is confident and has found a new sport to explore! So much so that we have begun discussions about when we will return as a group again next season....Susie and Joan do not think they will be able to have Christmas off next year, but maybe half term. I will need of course check if Noah's half term corresponds with UK half term or Paris half term next season and I will get to work on that as soon as I can. Also, thank you very much for your help in sorting out Susie's cross country lessons.

Noah, as always, enjoyed his lessons with Christian. We continue to see a marked progression in Noah's skiing ability every time we come. Not only is this important for Noah's skiing, but also we can see it is very beneficial to Noah's self confidence in general. Noah participates in many sports at home, tennis, rugby, football, swimming, martial arts and shooting, and in all, except his shooting, he considers himself average. In his school where it is very important, particularly for boys, to be great sportsmen, Noah finds it difficult not excelling at something (shooting and martial arts unfortunately are not school activities). In his opinion, he feels he is good at skiing and probably secretly feels he is likely better at it than most of the boys he is at school with! Whether this is true or not, it does not matter, it is what Noah feels which is important and it helps him during those moments when he is not chosen for a top team at school or when he never quite places in a top position for an award during a competition. We appreciate that Ski Progression have given Noah this confidence and we are grateful.

For Chris and I, it is always a pleasure to ski with Eric. We both feel our skiing improving again and again. It is always amazing to me that when my confidence drops, Eric manages to find a way to fix it and get me back on the right path again! Thank you. And, while it is likely that Chris and I have learned enough by now to ski safely and reasonably easily on just about any marked piste, in most conditions, we continue to enjoy learning more and more from Eric and will keep striving to improve under his guidance.

We hope the season brings you all much success. I will keep watching the snow and hope that the conditions may look good for another visit for Chris, Noah and myself this season in early April. Noah finishes school on 2 April, so maybe we could check back with you mid/early March to see how you think the snow is holding out and what your availability may be like? I am being encouraged by Chris to check out a direct flight between Jersey and Chambery and to see about finding a self catered apartment in La Tania instead of using Le Ski for our next trip, so our arrival day may be on a Saturday instead of a Sunday. I have attached the photo of us all and hope you like it.

Noah also mentioned that is it Christian's birthday today! A very happy birthday from us all. We will raise a glass to you this evening. Enjoy!

Best wishes,

Winter 2013

Robert and Lesley wrote:
A great BIG thank you to Laure, for our fantastic ski lessons in March! By the end of our first week in La Tania, you were able to turn 2 pairs of "bambi" legs into 2 pairs of legs that remained upright all the way from the top to the bottom of our first green run! We never thought that would be possible!! Thankyou so much for your patience. We had the best week!!

See you next year!!

Robert and Lesley

David, Anna, Stanley and Larry wrote:
Thank you for some excellent skiing lessons this Easter.
The boys really enjoyed their two afternoons with Christian, particularly the off piste, jumps and free-styling! They really improved.
Anna and I also enjoyed Eric's lessons. I don't know what Eric's secret was but after the first lesson Anna was flying down the pistes a la Lindsay Vonn ! Magnifique!!

David, Anna, Stanley, Larry La Tania Easter 2013

Simon wrote:
I had a really good lesson with Laure so thanks very much to you both.
If I come back to La Tania I will certainly use you again.


Alan, Joanne & Joseph wrote:
Dear Chris,

Thank you again for the excellent lessons, and also for saving our holiday and taking on an extra student - Joseph! He loved it and all our skiing has got better. We are all more confident and hopefully next time we can ski more in the other valleys.

The progression team are excellent and Joseph would like to try and ski with Laure - he thinks he is better!!

All the best and will see you next year.

Alan Joanne & Joseph

Mark wrote firts day:
Thanks to Eric for the first morning of training for our improvers group. They all came back and said they had had a good time and had learnt plenty. They are already looking forward to the second session tomorrow afternoon!

Second day:
Another great training session from Eric, taking our group to Courchevel for the afternoon. Amazingly, he already knew all 10 of their names at roll call, after yesterday's session! Every person told me that they had enjoyed a great afternoon of skiing & had continued to make progress under Eric's expert supervision. His patience and support across a range of skiing abilities has been very well received. Everyone is looking forward to their final session tomorrow, but will no doubt be sad that it is ending!

Third day:
Our group, Lindsay Williams, Hannah Newman, Sam Newman, Sam Williams,Kim Bevan, Georgia Steed, Sarah, Catherine Berry, Dee Berry and Laura Bishop want to thank Eric for all his hard work and patience during their three training sessions. Everyone benefitted hugely from the coaching and made great progress under Eric's excellent guidance. Thank you Eric and to everyone at Ski Progression!

Carole, Emilie & Anna wrote:
Thank you Laure for our great ski lessons - I think we all improved again - but there is always room for more improvement so we'll have to come back next year I think!! Thank you for your positive encouragement - it has built up our confidence. Enjoy the rest of the season.

Carole, Emilie & Anna

Chris, Karen and Noah wrote:
Dear Eric, Christian and Laure,

Thanks again for making our holidays memorable. Our lessons are always an adventure, always fun, we enjoy learning from all of you and, of course, our skiing continues to improve as a result of your work! These are the reasons we KEEP coming back and WILL KEEP coming back to no one other than Ski Progression.

Eric we are very grateful for your knowledge, patience and skill and your ability to tailor our lessons as required to push us gently to new levels of skiing. You are nothing less than surprising... a "warm up" on the Grand Couloir on our first morning was a stoke of genius on your part and exactly what we needed to bring us quickly back to how we were skiing after a week on snow at Christmas! We also very much appreciate that you thought to maximise the fantastic snow conditions to begin our introduction to off piste skiing. Though we struggled with keeping our skis under our feet in deep powder, we could both see immediately how the experience made our on piste skiing better. We are keeping our fingers crossed for more powder next season.

Christian, Noah's ability and confidence continue to grow under your guidance. Upon our return home we watched video of him from March 2012 and compared it to his current skiing and the difference is pronounced. Even to our novice eyes, we can see Noah's weight is significantly further forward, he moves much more up and down in his turns and he controls his speed much better by using turns, rather than heading straight down a slope! This improvement is all down to your teaching... and Noah is ALWAYS happy to spend his mornings in lessons with you.

Our ski holidays would not be the same without Ski Progression, so thank you again. We look forward to 2013/2014 and wish you the best for the rest of the current season.

Karen, Chris and Noah Clark
Jersey Channel Islands
December 2012 and February 2013

Cath wrote:
Hi Laure

I just wanted to let you know how my skiing has been going since our lesson two weeks ago. I am feeling much more confident and have been enjoying skiing much more, Neil says I am a different skier. What I find I must do is at the start of each day skiing I remind myself of the 4 points we talked about 1) maintain the correct position 2) stay relaxed 3) initiate the turn early and 4) keep all my weight on the downhill ski. It seems to be working! The only time I find myself becoming tense and leaning back again is when I hit some ice but I will keep practising.

Thank you so much for you help.

Russel wrote:
Fantastic week in La Tania. Skiing was great and my lessons really improved my skills - after too many years with no lessons! Thanks Laure I will definitely use your coaching again on my next visit - not too far off hope.

Russell Halliday January 2013

Phil wrote:
Hi Sam,
Sorry for the delay in replying to your e mail, its rather busy when I return with lots of e-mails to go through, anyway I thought the standard of tuition from Eric to be exceptional and would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their Skiing, so absolutely yes I will definitely book some more some lesions when I return next year.
I would also like to praise Christian who taught my son Simon to snowboard and thank him for his patience, Simon is now hooked and is already looking to see if he can return soon.
Many thanks for all your help in making the arrangements and wish you and the Team all the success you deserve.

Regards Phil

Winter 2012

Nick and Caroline wrote:
Our lessons with Laure were the high point of our stay in Courchevel. The lessons were fun, we worked hard and learned a lot. She quickly spotted our bad skiing habits and explained what to do to correct our technique and showed what to practice. By the end we were skiing with more confidence, more control and more speed! I only wish we had taken lessons sooner.
Many thanks.

Nick and Caroline Martin
March 2012

John, Kathy, Jack and Amiee Mayhew wrote:
We had lessons with Christian at Easter.
We all had a great time and improved our skiing.
Great fun, the lessons were really laid back made our holiday thank you Christian see you Christmas.

Best wishes
John, Kathy, Jack and Amiee Mayhew

Karen, Chris and Noah wrote:
Dear Christian, Eric and Laure,

Thank you all again for the fantastic lessons while we were in La Tania.
There is always so much to learn from the Ski Progression team!

As always Noah, age 8, enjoyed his lessons with Christian.
Each day Noah asked us with much happiness and anticipation, “Am I skiing with Christian today?” We appreciate Christian’s gentle approach to teaching Noah and we can see so much improvement in Noah’s skills.
One of our main goals has always been to be able to ski the Three Valleys confidently and safely as a family. Just since our previous visit at Christmas, we are now confident taking Noah on red runs and would have taken him on some blacks too if we had had better visibility in our last two days.

For myself, I am amazed and thrilled to be skiing at my current level and it is down to Eric’s excellent and patient teaching.
I never became interested in skiing when I was younger due to a lack of opportunity coupled with trepidation.
Once I decided to try skiing, I only hoped that I would someday feel confident on a red piste.
Since starting lessons with Ski Progression in March 2011, I have surpassed my own expectations and even black runs do not seem nearly as daunting as they once did.
I could never have dreamed of having enough skill to tackle a piste like the Grand Couloir and when Eric suggested it, such is my trust in him and his guidance that I thought “why not, let’s do it!” What a thrilling challenge!
I did not descend the couloir with any grace or style but I am so pleased Eric encouraged me to try and felt my technique was of a level to cope.
I am certain he was right and that the experience will open up my next level of skiing and I look forward to finding out what that may be next season. Thank you, thank you, thank you…

In previous visits to La Tania, Chris has joined my lessons with Eric and did so with some of the lessons again this time.
Chris, already an advanced skier, continued to improve under Eric’s teaching and has learned to use far more technique and less “brute force” in his skiing than ever before.
Chris also thoroughly enjoyed a private lesson with Laure.
Unhindered by my slower pace, Laure was able to put Chris through his paces and gave him many new skills to work on for the future.

The Ski Progression Team is simply the best. It wouldn’t be the same holiday for any of us without all of you. Our sincerest thanks and see you next season.

Karen, Chris and Noah Clark
Jersey, Channel Islands
April 2012

Roger wrote:
I had a four hour lesson with Eric, and I found his approach to be thoughtful and analytical.
However, the most impressive feat was to have a kind, encouraging style whilst at the same time pushing me beyond my comfort zone and guiding me to far more challenging runs than I would normally attempt (notably the couloir at the top of Saulire).
The combined effect was highly effective and I felt that I progressed both technically and mentally.
I will be back next year!

Sarah, Phil, Den and Ade
Matt, Katie, Alex and Maddie wrote:

Ski Progression suited our needs completely.
We were two families of four with children ranging between 13 and 8.
Christian was completely flexible with the lessons and we would often pick the girls up early at any pre arranged spot so that the boys could have a final hour blasting down the mountain!
In fact the lessons were so flexible, one morning the adults swapped with the children so we could pick up some tips ourselves!
We would certainly use Ski Progression again and rate them highly.

Many Thanks

Paul and Sarah wrote:
In December 2011 we spent Christmas at La Tania.
Ski Progression came highly recommended.
We had 3 children ranging from 9-16 who had never been skiing before. Laure was amazing. She taught our 9 year old son who could not contol his body or legs to ski controlably and confidently on green runs. Our 10 year old daughter was very nervous and Laure diverted time away from the main group to give her the confidence she needed to progress to a similar level as the others.
Our 16 year old daughter who is very accident prone came away in one piece with a passion for skiing which Laure had facilitated by encouraging her to develop what turned out to be her natural ability with skis.
Laure also helped our 14 year old who is an intermediate skiier to improve on her technique and helped her re-build her confidence after several years without skiing.
We cannot thank you enough for the time you spent with the children, they thoroughly enjoyed the holiday, but this was made more satisfying by coming away with basic skiing skills in place.
We will be back.

Paul and Sarah Lowther

Sue wrote:
I did not take up skiing till my 50's and have had lessons over the years with Laure.
She is the most fantastic instructor as she understands so well and I can honestly say that I would follow her anywhere even down a black run! She instills so much confidence, and I really did not think I could improve as much as I have.
I enjoy her lessons so much and I cannot wait till next year.
Thank you Laure.

Ann and John wrote:
I knew Ski Progression would be good just by the quick responses to any emails I sent prior to our holiday.
Laure was fantastic, always early for our 3 lessons and worked with us for the full 3 hours.
The lessons were so useful and tailored to our needs. They were fun and for the first time I was not worried about what would happen during a lesson - I felt in very capable hands, encouraging us but not letting us get away with poor technique.
Laure has eyes on the back of her head and saw every wobble! We hope to be back again next year and would certainly book lessons again with Laure and Ski Progression and would not hesitate to recommend them to any friends or colleagues who are going to ski in that area.

Thanks again for super lesssons.
Ann and John Spence

Ksenia wrote:
We had a great skiing week with Eric this half-term. We were a "difficult" bunch with my husband being a complete novice, myself who hasn't skied for the past 3 years and my daughter of 8 who is very fond of going on bumps and off-piste as she has been skiing regularly since she was 3.
Eric managed us all very well, he made sure my husband was skiing around all of the 3 valleys by the end of our stay, I found my skiing legs back and my daughter was suitably challenged by some interesting paths through the forest.
Eric is very knowledgeable,kind and flexible. He knows how to teach both adults and children. Many thanks for your guidance and stories about the valleys also! We highly recommend Eric to anyone who wants to ski in La Tania or any other part of the three valleys!

Sean wrote:
First of all I have never been inclined to write testimonials for ski schools as I would like to say that no ski school should ever claim to be better than another.
But in this case I felt compelled to write as I believe Ski Progression are what you should look for when seeking instruction.
I’m not being paid for this or receive any discount incentives.
In my years of skiing I have had group and one to one sessions primarily because my base is the UK and I always feel my skiing can always be improved, and you get to possibly ski where you haven’t been before.
I asked my instructor (Eric) to look at the basics in my stance and style and take it from there. I can genuinely say that I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending ski progression if your desire is to learn at any level, whether that is learning to snow plough or understand what is required to navigate a couloir.
Thanks Eric for one very memorable lesson.
My friends and associates all know which ski school I recommend if they are in the 3 Valleys and especially La Tania.
If your wondering my ski holiday was taken in the last week of January 2012

Derek wrote:
In the winter of 2006 and in my mid-50s I went to the Three Valleys with my family with no intention of learning to ski. My wife and two daughters had other ideas and within a day I found myself booked to the lower slopes of La Tania. This was my first lesson with Laure.

Within a couple of days I could plough and was ready for the green pistes in Courcheval. This was when I became smitten by skiing and the possibilities for a new and fantastic sporting experience. It was just so different from any sports I had previously enjoyed.

I soon worked out if I was going to enjoy skiing into the future I had to look after myself more than had been necessary when younger. To do this I had to ski well and realised that Laure had the technical knowledge and teaching skills to take my skiing forward.

Since 2006 I have continued to meet up with Laure for lessons on regular holidays to the Three Valleys and most recently in January 2012 when we had a couple of mornings in Val Thorens.

I am skiing at a level and pace I never thought possible and so much is due to Laure. If she can get me started at 55 and still be getting more out of me on the slopes I am sure she can do it for you.

Derek Hamilton.

Sydney wrote :
hello eric, please view the ski clubs website in Canada.... and consider a trip with us sometime!
thank you for the confidence that you gave to my husband phil and for getting my friend and I into the coulors off piste....
it certainly makes our experince in the french alps unforgetable....
sincerely, Sydney Cook

Alen and Joanne wrote :

We thoroughly enjoyed our 5 days of skiing with you and have both learnt so much.
We were both at different levels with Alan wanting to focus on his technique and for me (Joanne), to go back to basics and get my confidence back.
You remained patient and encouraged us throughout our lessons and passed on many pearls of wisdom.

Despite a rather slow start on the first day (taking a long time on the Green run into La Tania) when we went back later in the week we were back in the lift within an hour, so major progress. Also no more snow ploughs!!!!

During the course of our lessons we experienced various skiing conditions courtesy of the weather and in the past this would have caused me to panic and end up in a heap.
Under your guidance this did not happen, as you had taught me how to stay in control of my speed and more importantly you helped me regain my confidence and as a result this was the best ski holiday we have had.

We hope to see you on the slopes again to carry on from where we left off.

New Year Ski lessons- Alan and Joanne Le Bihan

Chris wrote
My wife was nervous and had lost confidence, Laure and Christian restored it and in a short week my wife had made the trip from La Tania all the way to St Martin de Bellville!
An unexpected result was my own skiing came along tremendously after I took one of my wifes lesson's when she was tired and I now ski much better and in more control without getting tired like I used to.
Adria went from scratch to confident blue runs in a very short time and Laure and Christian were very patient and supportive. They are great for those who need more confidence and for those who want to improve their skiing.
Most importantly, they were pleasant and engaging, relaxed and highly experienced and we always felt that they paid attention to what we felt we needed to achieve.
I would not hesitate to recommend Ski Progression, we have used a number of schools in the three valleys, and Ski progression are by far the best!

Chris Bannocks
Kent, England.

Karen wrote :
Dear Christian and Eric,

Thank you both for the fabulous skiing lessons again on our recent visit to La Tania over Christmas 2011.
We have just viewed the photos and video you took during our lessons and they are both a wonderful reminder of our holiday and will help reinforce your effective instruction.
We are sure other students will find this equally valuable.

Under your guidance Christian, Noah has continued to improve his skiing.
After his three, four hour lessons with you on our first three days, Noah happily skied with us all day in the second half of our week.
He is confident and controlled on the slopes and most of all he enjoys skiing.
To ski together as a family exploring the beautiful mountains is what we wanted to achieve. We are more than grateful to you for your patient encouragement of Noah’s skills and that you always made his learning fun.
At only 7 years old (8 years today!), we know Noah has a firm base on which he will hopefully continue to build his love of skiing for years to come.

Eric, it was again a pleasure to have you as an instructor for Chris and myself.
While I, being the less skilled skier, was the focus of our time together, Chris gained much insight into the finer technical points of skiing and improved his skills as a result.
After only beginning skiing in 2009 at a rather “older” age of 40 and a bit years I was keen to learn but uncertain whether I could be successful after such a late start.
Your instruction has opened up a whole new passion for me. Your careful explanations of how and why techniques work and patient repetition when I get things wrong have made me feel confident and capable on the slopes.
I only wish our skiing holidays were longer so that I could practise more!

Carole wrote :
Dear Laure, thank you so much for the excellent lesson on Friday.
I was skiing parallel on the green piste today and my confidence is growing.
I think your advice to stick to green for me is good for this year - next year, who knows! The kids are also really confident now and enjoying all the runs! Thank you for your excellent tuition. Merry Christmas. Carole Edelenbos 25/12/11

Christopher wrote :
Want to transform 2 reluctant children into skiing enthusiasts?
Look no further than the amazing Laure!
Thanks very much indeed, and Happy Christmas;-)
P.s she is pretty hot with grown ups too, even in the fog!!!

Winter 2011

Cherryll wrote :
Christian taught us in the 2010 season individually and in groups of 3. We were each at different stages of learning but he was able to tailor the lesson to suit the needs and aspirations of every individual member of the group. He demonstrated enormous patience, his lessons were fun and challenging enough for us all to come away feeling that we'd really achieved something to build on in our own time.
Cherryll, Pete, Dirk and Alex

Pete wrote :
For anyone wanting to make the most of their skiing holiday in La Tania we would highly recommend the three ski instructors who are ski progression. I have nothing but the highest praise for this small team who I have skied with over the past three winter seasons. They are outstanding instructors with great enthusiasm, patience and expertise and all have a real genuine love of the mountains.

Moira wrote :
A big thank you for the amazing courses of lessons I had with you last winter, some great skiing on and off piste and some exhilerating couloirs.

Elena wrote :
I had a private session of 2,5h with Eric. He is a professional.
I learnt in these 2,5h more than what I learnt in one week with an other school.
My friends said that after that morning everything changed: my posture, sholders and above all confidence in skiing! I highly recommend Eric!
Elena, La Tania, February 2011

Dom wrote :
Just a short testimonial to say how fantastic we found Eric. He coached my six-year old daughter - Annika - for 2 hours a day and her skiing came on tremendously in this time.
As importantly, she really enjoyed her time with Eric - full of games and patient care. At the end of the week, I used Eric to improve my (intermediate) level of skiing.
The lesson was superb - he is an outstanding coach - and I will definitely use his services again. Dom, February 2011

Beattie family and Clark family wrote:
19 Feb to 26 Feb 2011
We have only praise for Laure and Chris during our week at La Tania.
Laure really improved my skiing ability and my confidence. At the beginning of the week, I was a nervous wreck. By the end of the week, I was a completely different skier, who can't wait to ski again.
Laure also gave outstanding teaching to our 6 year olds. She constantly encouraged them and whilst they are without fear, she was excellent at making sure their technique was good. She also made the lessons completely fun and we all adore her.
Chris taught our older children and the two dads, in separate lessons during the week. All of them made huge progress with their technique and thoroughly enjoyed their lessons.
All of us are agreed that our teachers were excellent and that we want to use them again.
We all had a fantastic time and can't thank you enough.
Take care, Chris and Laure, we can't wait to come back!

Sue wrote:
Just returned from a great week in La Tania. Ski Progression proved to be a very friendly, highly experienced and professional team who gave our small group of me and my three children flexible, personal instruction of the highest quality.
Eric was an excellent teacher and gave 101 per cent throughout the ski lessons. He constantly encouraged me and my daughter and built up our confidence.
For the boys who progressed quicker, he skilfully improved their ability and technique whilst making the lessons fun and challenging. They consequently progressed rapidly during the week. Being taught as a small group had the advantage that we were able to split the lessons as the week progressed so we learnt in pairs at two different paces according to our needs. Christian was an excellent snowboard instructor and my son enjoyed himself enormously whilst making huge progress.
Prices are very competitive. Quality of instruction is superb. We hope we can book you again next year! Many thanks
The Allen family (19-26 February 2011)

Dirk wrote:
When we arrived at our Ski location in march 2011, the four of us had never stand on ski's ever before. We decided to take beginners lessons and met with Laure the morning after.
Luckily Laure had no problem with talking English to us and French to the other group members.

Laure taught us how to ski from the beginning up to almost level 2 in only 6 mornings.
The lessons were well structured. First some theory, then practice. People who couldn't get up to speed as fast as the others were guided 1 on 1.
In the afternoon (after the lessons) we got plenty of time and information to practice on our own to be ready for the next improvement the next day.

Even when we (accidentally) got stuck on a piste which was to difficult for us, Laure didn't hestitate to give us some advise when she passed with her other group.
Besides the lesson itself there was enough room to make some jokes and have a lot of fun with the group.

When I decide to go to skiing in France again next year, I will definately try to get lessons from Laure again. I know I'm speaking for my friends (Jeffrey, Frank, Mark) as well.
Off course I (or I should say we) are expecting our picture with Laure somewhere on the website or facebook :-).

Highly recommended!

Kind regards,

Dirk van den Muijsenberg

Claire wrote :
Christian was a patient and inspiring instructor. I thoroughly enjoyed my 4 lessons, which were full of variety and challenge.
My inital nervousness was quickly overcome and I became much more confident,progressing to more challenging blue and red runs (and even a small stretch of a black run).
Going over the bumps in the Family Park was one of the highlights and a thrilling experience.
I would highly recommend Ski Progression.

Claire - March 2011

Karen wrote :
I chose to have a couple of lessons with Ski Progression on the recommendation of a friend and was so glad I did. I have only skied a couple of times before and am a bit of a nervous skier. I had my lessons with Laure who I found to be inspiring and very patient. She has given me the confidence to continue and to believe in myself. I would definately recommend Ski Progression to anyone thinking of having skiing lessons.

Karen Couchevel March 2011

Karen wrote :
This was my 3rd time skiing and I decided to have a couple of lesson's to improve my technique and gain some confidence as I am a bit of a nervous skier.
I was told about Ski Progression by my partners brother who had been in Couchevel earlier in the year so I decided to give them a go and I am so pleased I did. I had my two 2hr lessons with Laure who was very friendly and patient.
By my second lesson I was already feeling more confident and Laure had me skiing paralel which I had not been able to do before she also helped me believe in my self.
I would highly recommend Laure and Ski Progression to anyone thinking of having skiing lessons I just wish I could have had more. If I am ever back in Courchevel I will definately book with them again.

Karen March 2011

Cherryll wrote :
Christian taught me and various members of my family again in February and March.
He is an excellent instructor and we had a brilliant time and for me particularly my confidence improved so much.
Christian introduced me to ski all types of snow and terrain and how to adapt my skiing.
Lessons were challenging but real fun and I came home on a real high. Christian is so patient and has a wonderful sense of humour. I can't wait for next year now!

Cherryll/La tania/2011

Karen and Chris wrote :
We had a last minute change of plans when the ski school we had used in La Tania for the last two years could not run their group lessons at our levels due to low student numbers.
We decided to try the new ski school in the area, Ski Progression, and we are so glad we did! We had previous experience of the excellent teaching offered by Laure and Christian when they were with another school, but we had never had private lessons.

Christian taught our seven year old son, Noah. In Noah’s own words, “Christian was the best ski instructor ever.
He made learning to ski fun and sang me songs to help me remember what to do. I definitely want to have Christian as my ski instructor next year.” Noah’s skiing ability increased so much during the week that we were able to ski together as a family every afternoon.

Eric taught my husband, Chris, and I together.
Though we were not at the same level, Eric worked very hard to ensure we both got what we needed out of the lessons.
Our goal was to bring my skiing up to a level so that I could confidently ski red runs with Chris.
Eric not only achieved that goal but even encouraged me down a black run with relative ease! I would have NEVER thought that was possible! Chris felt his technique was greatly improved by the end of the week too so he did not feel he was held back by my needs.
Not only was Eric an excellent ski instructor, but he is also very knowledgeable about the local area and natural environment.
It was a great pleasure to learn so much from Eric.

And a final word about private versus group instruction… my husband and I had always had group lessons with skiers we did not know, mainly as we felt private instruction was an extravagance we could live without.
However, now having had such a fantastic experience with Ski Progression, we would never consider anything else, or any other ski school! Ski Progression’s rates are very competitive and worth every penny.
We signed up for instruction every morning for 3 hours with 4 hours of instruction on Friday. At first we thought this level of private instruction in a week, 16 hours for Noah and 16 hours for Chris and me may be a bit much.
But, our lessons were never onerous and our skiing moved on dramatically as a result. We can now ski safely and confidently in a variety of snow conditions without just “surviving” down a slope.
But also, with more hours, our instructors had the time to take us to explore the Three Valleys and to find better snow conditions in a season where the conditions have not been the most favourable!

The Ski Progression team are top notch! We hope to return to La Tania year after year and will without hesitation use Ski Progression again! Thanks for a wonderful holiday.

Karen, Chris and Noah, 28 March – 1 April 2011

Jim and Justin wrote:
We took a weeks holiday starting 10th April in La Tania. We went with another family with similar aged children.
It was the first time the children had skied so we were keen for them to have a good first experience.
Christian was fantastic with all 4 children. Each morning they were keen to go, and by the end of the first week they were all whizzing down the slopes.
We would definitely book with Ski Progression again and recommend them to friends.

Jim and Justin