Skier resting during the ascent in skins at Pointe de la Réchasse.

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What is ski touring?

Ski touring combines the pleasures of skiing with the joys of hiking in the heart of nature.

On the way up, it's very close to cross-country skiing. On the way down, it's almost downhill skiing.

Walks in the forest, walks on groomed trails or raids lasting several days with the scent of adventure, there is something for all motivations and all levels.
You just have to take the plunge and try.

Ski touring requires specific equipment:

Where to go ski touring?

Off-piste skiing is practiced outside the marked trails on slopes accessible by ski lifts.

Ski touring overcomes all these limits. Anywhere there is a slope and snow, it is possible to cross-country ski, including on marked trails when local legislation allows it.

Ski touring is freedom and the future

It is a gentle and accessible sport, which does not require a good technical level to start.
Your SKI PROGRESSION instructor will precisely meet your needs by developing a program well suited to your physical and technical potential and your motivation.

Is ski touring dangerous?

You can start on a green track or on a small path in the forest, where the danger is almost non-existent.

When venturing further, the precautions to be taken are the same as for off-piste skiing. They must be all the more reinforced as one ventures into remote regions.

As with off-piste skiing, if you respect all the safety rules and have a very good experience of the discipline and the terrain, it is not a dangerous activity.

Wearing an A.R.V.A (avalanche victim search device), a folding shovel and a probe are essential safety equipment for any outing far from the slopes in winter.

SKI PROGRESSION provides this material free of charge to its customers.

There are also some completely secure marked ascent routes in the forest.

In this specific context, ski touring, in addition to the pleasure it provides, is even safer than traditional alpine skiing on congested slopes. It is an excellent activity for the health, particularly peaceful and very relaxing.

What is the minimum technical level required for ski touring?

Ski touring is not limited to long-distance, committed raids:

A good command of the snowplow is enough for an initiation on a green slope.

Liz wrote:

I thought Laure was an outstanding instructor, she was very patient with me when I felt rather nervous about getting on skis. I thought that I wouldn't ever be able to pick it up but after some time with Laure, I felt a lot more confident! I will be back and I will definitely be looking for some more help from you guys to take me to the next level.
Two skiers on a very steep slope of the central north face of La Grande Casse

In the central north face of La Grande Casse.

Steep slope, extraordinary high mountain atmosphere.
The conditions were excellent and very safe.

Other side of the coin, there were a lot of people: Nearly twenty skiers.

Mark wrote:

Dear Eric,
I hope this finds you well and you have had an enjoyable season. Our plans to return to la tania did not pan out this year and we ended in St Gervais over half term- too busy by far. We also grabbed a few days in kitzbuhel. On each occasion we have had an instructor for a day or half days here and there. It has made us realise more clearly what a great time we had with you. I look back at your professionalism and energy for ski instruction and remember well hiking for half an hour to ski steep couloirs. You effortlessly showed me what I could be doing to improve my steep skiing and as soon as we were back on the piste meeting the rest of our family and taking my 5 year old boy under your guidance to develop a bomb proof skiing stance which he maintains today. The girls remember your instruction and Eva s skiing has gone from strength to strength but her tidy style developed in the week we spent in la Tania. I never got round to write to thank you for those few days. I look back on that week with great memories helped in part by the magic weather we had but mainly by your tireless efforts to ensure we got the best out of any ski time available combined with your inspired coaching and capacity to keep us all motivated for the next adventure. We will be booking again and I could not recommend your ski school more highly.
Thanks again and best wishes
Ski touring uphill in a snowy forest

Small peaceful ski touring in the forest at the beginning of winter.

The ski lifts are not yet open but the snow is already there and it is excellent!

Skier in sealskin climbing the Renard slope in Courchevel. Spring atmosphere.

In the month of May, on the gentle slopes of the bottom of the Courchevel ski area.

The weather is fine, the weather is mild and the spring snow makes skiing easy and pleasant.
It is a perfect time to discover ski touring in peace.

Skier walking up the very steep summit slope of the Aiguille de Polset.

The summit slope of the Aiguille de Polset.

The last meters are done on foot. You can see the skis left at the pass a little below.

While going up in ski touring above the Arolles slope, Laure takes a break.

The ski lifts remained closed throughout the 2020/2021 season.
All the slopes, usually groomed and crowded with skiers, had turned into peaceful off-piste

Laure is in this picture on the Arolles slope.

Great weather, 15 cm of powder and light snow on a compacted but not icy ground:
Ideal conditions for starting long outings.

Laure seen from behind makes the first ski trail in the powder snow of the Lanches slopes.

... And on the descent, the first trace in 15 centimeters of powder and cold snow on the Lanches slope.

The lack of maintenance and grooming had significantly changed the appearance of the trails.
We had never seen the big snowdrift to the left of Laure before.