Climb to the breach of La Portetta in ski touring.
Ride in ski touring in March at the breach of La Portetta.
A beautiful itinerary in a sumptuous and spectacular environment.
My darling riding ski touring, just above La Tania
Ski touring in the fall. Mid-November, before the opening of the lifts, first glides in a peaceful atmosphere, an enchanting light and a wonderfully light snow. No difficulty or danger.

What is ski touring?

Ski touring combines the pleasures of skiing with the joys of hiking in nature.
During the climb, it is very close to cross-country skiing and on the descents it’s almost like downhill skiing.
Whether skinning up a steep valley, fitness training on a groomed trail or striking out on a multi-day adventure, ski touring is a wonderful way to discover the mountains.
Try it and you’ll be hooked.
Ski touring requires specific equipment :

  • Skis equipped with bindings whose heel can be released on the ascent to facilitate walking and hang downhill to ski normally.
  • "Seal skins". Kind of carpet that sticks under the soles of the skis on the climb to avoid slipping (and that of course remove on the way down).
  • Footwear resembling alpine ski boots, but lighter and with a "walking" position that releases the ankle.

Your SKI PROGRESSION instructor will know exactly how to adapt to your physical and technical potential by developing a program that is well adapted to your physical and technical potential and your motivation.

Off-piste skiing is practiced on slopes accessible by ski lifts.
Ski touring frees you from all these limitations. Wherever there is a slope and snow, you can do it.

Ski touring is freedom and the future

It is a soft and accessible sport, not requiring a good technical level to start.

Is ski touring dangerous?

We can start on a green ski-run or on a small path in the forest, where the danger is almost non-existent.

When we move away from the tracks, the precautions to be taken are the same as for off-piste skiing. They must be all the more reinforced as one ventures into remote lands.
As with off-piste skiing, if you follow all the safety rules and have a good experience of the discipline and terrain, this is not a dangerous activity.

There are also some signposted climbing routes in the forest that are completely secure.

In this context, ski touring, in addition to the pleasure it provides, is even safer than traditional alpine skiing on crowded slopes. It is an excellent activity for health, particularly peaceful and very relaxing.

Wearing an A.R.V.A (avalanche search device), a folding shovel and a probe is the essential safety equipment for any departure from the slopes in winter.

SKI PROGRESSION provides this material free of charge to its customers

What is the minimum technical level required for ski touring?

Ski touring is not limited to committed and distant raids:

It can be practiced on a green ski-run, ascent or descent, in which case good control of the snow-plow is sufficient.